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You Can Make This 3D Printed Electric Skateboard For Roughly $700

 A 3D printed skateboard project

A 3D printed skateboard project

Let’s be honest: commuting sucks.

When you aren’t hurrying to find a cab or Uber, you’re spending an uncomfortable journey in the back of a stranger’s car with sticky floors. Student Jack Davies was so fed up with his everyday commute that he decided to find an alternative solution.

The result is the Fusion E-Board – a 3D printed electric skateboard he designed and manufactured in less than a week.

Using a combination of sourced and 3D printed parts, Jack was able to craft a $700 board on par with other commercially available electric skateboards – most which cost in the neighborhood of $1,750.

 Testing the 3D printed skateboard

Testing the 3D printed skateboard

After identifying the main components of the board (such as the truck, deck, and wheels), Jack got to simulating the parts in Autodesk Fusion 360 to ensure the materials he would be using would hold together and function properly.

He also took the motor’s location into consideration, as he couldn’t have it skidding across the pavement while the board was in motion. Since the board deck is made predominantly from flimsy bamboo, he designed a split enclosure for the motor that divides the battery and electronics and sets them at the outer portions of the board.

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