Design of the Week: Missile Toe

, Design of the Week: Missile Toe
Yes, it is definitely a Missile Toe

This week’s selection is the gag Missle Toe by Thingiverse contributor Humberto Lopez.

What is the “Missle Toe”? It’s a very literal interpretation of the annual “Mistletoe” tradition, in which passersby are supposedly encouraged to kiss while underneath a Mistletoe. 

This model is a Missle Toe. Literally. It’s a missile. And a toe. Attached. Get it? 

, Design of the Week: Missile Toe
A freshly 3D printed Missile Toe, still with support structures attached

While not particularly aerodynamic nor threatening, this print may gather some attention from non-3D print folks, who will be amazed at your ingenuity, should you print and exhibit this 3D model. 

But thanks here is really due to Humberto Lopez, who explains the concept: 

Get in the holiday spirit by 3D Printing your very own Missile Toe! Per custom, you can hang it up and any couple standing under it must kiss. Happy Holidays!

I like this 3D model as it is not only timely, but also demonstrates how one can use 3D modeling and printing to convey humor: it’s a joke in 3D form. 

Who would have predicted that? 

Via Thingiverse

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