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#3DTalks Goes Global

#3DTalks is branching out

#3DTalks is branching out

A 3D print chat series is branching out. 

#3DTalks is a discussion event that up until now has taken place in the San Francisco area, but now the event is to occur in New York and Paris. 

The event is focused on sharing the experiences of women in the world of 3D printing. Previous events, held in California, have focused on 3D modeling and scanning, 3D print service issues and challenges, education and more. 

The event is organized by Women in 3D Printing, a publication we support and frequently re-publish articles from, and Cyant, an organization dedicated to developing a gender-neutral “playground” where science and art can meet. 3D printing is a natural component of such a mission. 

Cyant is developing a platform on which educators, students and others can easily share 3D models suitable for 3D printing. 

While I haven’t attended on personally due to geographic constraints, I’m told the events have proven quite successful in California, so it seems natural to extend the concept to other regions. 

Their plan is to launch a #3DTalk event in New York City in February, following up with a second event in September. The first Paris event takes place March 20th. 

I should say that while the event highlights women in 3D printing professions, the events are open to all. 

Via Women in 3D Printing and Cyant

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