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Stratasys’ 2016 Financial Results: Improving

Stratasys releases 2016 results

Stratasys releases 2016 results

Stratasys released their 2016Q4 and full 2016 financial results, and it appears they are improving, albeit only slightly. 

Financial results are important to follow, simply because with the largest companies, their ability to spend can greatly influence what happens in the 3D printing space. And Stratasys is indeed one of the largest pure players in the space today. 

They, like other major manufacturers, have suffered a bit of a downturn in the past couple of years and it is with anticipation that reviewers have been awaiting a turnaround from all major vendors.

So what happened in 2016 for Stratasys? 

The most notable number is that the company actually had LESS revenue in 2016, than in 2015, USD$672.5M vs USD$696.0. That may not sound good, but it’s the profit that counts, and that’s the revenue minus the expenses. 

And that income (as calculated with GAAP methods) was actually a loss of USD$77.2M, compared with a whopping USD$1.4B the previous year. So that is indeed an improvement. Meanwhile, their non-GAAP income was stated at USD$14.8M, an increase of USD$4.8M over 2015. That is indeed an improvement. 

2016 was a pivotal year for Stratasys, in which it set the stage for bigger things to come in 2017 and beyond. For me, the major development was their new demonstrator equipment in which the company signaled an enormous future shift into big-time production. If their bet plays out, the company could find itself in an entirely new market, one that is vastly larger than mere prototyping. 

The key thing, however, is that it appears Stratasys has whether the storm and could make gains in 2017. 

Via PRNewsWire

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