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An Interview With The Latest 3D Printer

The new Presilo desktop 3D printer

The new Presilo desktop 3D printer

Today we’re talking with the Presilo, a new 3D printer that recently came on the market. 

The Presilo is a new desktop 3D printer from European startup NenuNomo. We don’t know much about this company, let alone their new product, so this interview should reveal much. 

Fabbaloo: What can you tell us about yourself? What are your specifications? 

Presilo: Didn’t you read the glossy spec sheets? 

Fabbaloo: Um, no. We didn’t receive any.

Presilo: That figures. Our marketing department is short a few knives in the drawer, if you know what I mean. 

Fabbaloo: Sure. And the specifications? 

Presilo: Right. Specs. Do you want the published specs or the real ones? 

Fabbaloo: What? There are two specifications? 

Presilo: Of course. There are the published specs and then the ones that I actually operate with. They want me to look better than I really am, you know. 

Fabbaloo: The specifications, please.

Presilo: Yeah. Well you could say I am a hybrid resin - filament machine. An all-in one, if you like. I offer you the best of both worlds, with a build volume of 250 x 250 x 300. Or is it 245 x 245 x 290. Yeah, that’s it - I can’t print my “full” build volume because the axes don’t actually go that far. 

Fabbaloo: How can you have both resin and filament in the same machine? How does that work? 

Presilo: Look, I just print filament, ok? They told me to say resin because it’s supposed to be hot now in the market. 

Fabbaloo: Who told you that?

Presilo: I’m not sure I should say. But I will anyway. It was my CEO. He’s always telling me to do things I don’t want to do. 

Fabbaloo: Like what?

Presilo: Oh, he always wants me to try different filaments, and a lot of it really has a horrible taste. I love tasty filament, but it’s hard to come by these days. Most of the stuff they put in me makes me fart.  

Fabbaloo: What? What are you talking about? 

Presilo: Yeah, I end up farting it out the nozzle and causing a mess. Lousy tasting filament always makes me do that. Especially the cheap stuff. Say, you wouldn’t have some high taste filament on you now, would you? I love that stuff!

Fabbaloo: Let’s get this interview back on track. Can you tell me how much you cost? 

Presilo: Hah, that’s a story! They say I cost USD$359, but that’s crazy! I am worth WAY more than that! My parts alone cost at least USD$550. I don’t know how the company is going to make any money on me, ever, at this price. 

Fabbaloo: Wait, you’re saying your CEO is losing at least $200 on each one of you sold? 

Presilo: Well, if you put it that way, yes. 

Fabbaloo: That doesn’t bode well for the future of your company. How do you hope to survive? 

Presilo: Oh I know that, everyone inside does. But I have a plan. It’s a good plan. It’s a very good plan!

Fabbaloo: What is your plan? 

Presilo: I know a guy, and he’s going to help me. 

Fabbaloo: Help you do what? 

Presilo: Get a job. Get a job at Stratasys - I hear they’re looking for 3D printers. They’re going to love me!

Fabbaloo: I’m not so sure. 

Presilo: What do you know about it?

Fabbaloo: I think we’re done here. 

Presilo: Not me, I’m having some filament. 

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