Design of the Week: Guardian at the Gate

The 3D printed Guardian at the Gate doorbell cover

This week’s selection is the intricate “Guardian at the Gate” 3D printed doorbell cover. 

The Guardian is a product of Kai Bracher, a German designer who in fact was selected for a previous Fabbaloo Design of the Week way back in 2014.

At the time Bracher was featured for his notable Dragon doorhandles, which perhaps led to the introduction of even more dragons at your door, but this time at the doorbell. 

, Design of the Week: Guardian at the Gate
The 3D printed Guardian at the Gate doorbell cover

The design involves a possibly scary (to small children) dragon that’s wrapped around the button. It’s quite an elaborate design, involving not only the dragon head, but also wings and tail. Bracher explains:

, Design of the Week: Guardian at the Gate
Kai Bracher

The “guardian at your gate” is a 3D printed doorbell case in the form of a dragon on a sphere. The eyes of the dragon are half open, so it’s hard to tell if he is awake or still dozing… He will make a visit at your home more fun and exciting.

I should say that this isn’t merely a 3D printed cover: it comes with a selection of illuminated doorbell buttons in different colors. Of course you can also opt for the “do it yourself” version if you happen to have your own button of suitable size. I suspect red will be the most popular color. 

, Design of the Week: Guardian at the Gate
The Guardian at the Gate 3D printed doorbell cover with red light

The cover is made from 3D printed alumide, a popular mix of sintered nylon and aluminum bits, so it should be quite durable for an outdoor installation. 

For the future you’ll be able to personalize the doorbell with an added nameplate or personalized ring that fits around the button itself. However, these are not available quite yet. Bracher explains that he will provide templates for these as well. 

The Guardian is being marketed, at least initially, via a Kickstarter campaign, where you can pre-order one for €99 (USD$106) and up. 

Via Kickstarter and Kai Bracher

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