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Sub-$1000 Moai SLA 3D Printer Hits Pro Level Sweet Spots

The Moai 3D printer

The Moai 3D printer

Peopoly’s Moai 3D printer began as a personal project between a pair of friends (Shu Peng & Richard Li) who wanted a better 3d printing option that could go beyond what RepRap, Ultimaker and other kit-based printers had to offer. 

They wanted professional quality with an affordable price. After building several of those machines, they set out to design their own and gave birth to the SLA-based Moai, which boasts professional features, easy assembly, and affordable price.

What are the specs on the Moai SLA 3D Printer? Let’s have a look. The machine is outfitted with a fully adjustable 150mW UV laser with a 70-micron spot size, which is galvo-controlled for precision movement. What’s more, it has a large build volume of 13 X 13 X18cm and can work with nearly any G-code and slicer platform on the planet, uploaded via SD card only.

Sample prints from the Moai 3D printer

Sample prints from the Moai 3D printer

To take advantage of their high-resolution laser, Peopoly designed their own high-polymer resin, although you can use other types as well, including wax and even dental-grade resins. The laser head can be adjusted to handle most anything and at your desired resolution, well down to 70um at any rate.

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