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Some Very Strong 3D Print Materials from Arevo Labs

 Unusual 3D printing filaments from Avero Labs

Unusual 3D printing filaments from Avero Labs

I’m looking at Avero Labs’s collection of unusual 3D print materials today. 

The northern-California company produces: 

Advanced Materials, Intelligent Software and Additive Manufacturing Technology to make Ultra-Strong and Lightweight Composite Parts.


We tailor materials to optimize mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of printed objects. Our Advanced, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers make parts stronger, lighter and more durable.

While their materials detail page has mysteriously disappeared from their current site, we can see what they have been offered from an archived version. 

They seem to offer materials I’ve not seen elsewhere: 

  • Quantevo (PAEK / Polyaryletherketone), in plain, carbon fiber or carbon nanotube composite versions
  • Katevo (PEEK / Polyetheretherketone), in plain or carbon fiber composite versions
  • Xanevo (PARA / Polyarylamide), in    glass Fiber composite only. 

These materials have good engineering properties, as seen in their tensile properties chart: 

I believe this is yet another example of the shift towards professional 3D printing, in which desktop equipment is used to powerful parts for prototyping or even for production use in some cases. The need to do those things is driving the existence of companies like Arevo Labs to produce these materials. 

Arevo Labs will also do contract 3D printing as well. 

What is curious to me is why their materials page is missing. 

Via Arevo Labs and

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