Boeing to Begin Using FAA-Certified 3D Printed Parts for New 787 Dreamliner

3D printing metal parts for use in Boeing 787’s

While 3D printing may still be in the midst of having an identity crisis in the world of mass production (although the recent Adidas and Carbon partnership looks promising), there is no shortage of applications for custom parts in the aviation industry.

Although airline manufacturers have been using a variety of additive manufacturing methods for a range of purposes for decades, Boeing is set to begin using FAA-certified additively manufactured titanium parts in their finished aircraft, according to a Reuters report. 

 Actual 3D printed metal parts for use in a 787
Actual 3D printed metal parts for use in a 787

The savings in production costs are estimated to save the Seattle-based company at least $3 million per manufactured jet – starting with its 787 Dreamliner jet airliner.

 Concept for 3D printing factory floor
Concept for 3D printing factory floor

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