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Coreform Uses Exact Geometry (Not A Mesh) to Bring You Next-Gen FEA

Coreform's FEA system

Coreform's FEA system

Remember when you had to create a mesh of your model to run any sort of simulation? 

If Coreform has their way, that question may not seem so strange in a future with the old ways of FEA archived alongside fidget spinners and smartphones. It’s a new take on geometry analysis and the team behind it makes the possibilities even more convincing.

In December 2016 we learned Autodesk was ending T-splines and that former T-Splines Founder/CEO and then Autodesk Product Manager, Matt Sederberg, had a startup in his back pocket, Isogeometrx (founded in 2014), a company “dedicated to revolutionizing design and engineering in the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries by providing tools and technologies for integrated design and analysis.”

We now have a clearer picture of what that is.

Isogeometrx is now Coreform with a goal of developing high-end simulation tools based on Isogeometric Analysis (IGA). Their team is a who’s who of IGA and 3D geometry experts and researchers who have developed a proprietary analysis-suitable CAD technology called “U-splines” (“Unstructured-splines”).

Through the U-spline technology, their tools will use IGA to run simulations on the exact CAD geometry without the need to defeature and generate a mesh prior to running a simulation. To get a better understanding of what IGA does, you’ll want to read over their one-page primer on the subject.

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