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Power Surfacing for SOLIDWORKS Update Brings G2 Continuity and More

 Power surfacing in Solidworks

Power surfacing in Solidworks

If you have a leather jacket that says SOLIDWORKS on one side and Class A Surfacing on the other, you are a TOTAL BADASS. 

You also know about Power Surfacing for SolidWorks. Well, nPower Software tightened its belt a notch and released an update this week. Even though we’re not exactly sure which version it is–4… or 4.1 or X (update: officially it’s version 4.1), it’s packed with all sorts of goodies.

Power Surfacing for SolidWorks

So, with Power Surfacing for SOLIDWORKS there are five major features and a slew of additional updates. IntegrityWare President, David Gill, says, “This new version is packed with impressive new patent pending functionality to improve workflows for industrial design and reverse engineering.” 

Here’s a breakdown.

  • Assemblies – full support for create and edit in assembly mode
  • Macro feature – auto-updating,  multi-body Power Bodies
  • Conversion options – auto trim & sew, large mesh support
  • Surface create workflow – new paradigm for creating SubDs
  • G2 constraints – curvature continuity across features

Other features include partial edge loop selection, offset constraints, copy  Power Surface body on move, Edge chamfer, draw on plane, Fill face, SubD checker and way more. Check out all the features here.

Here’s what the G2 Constraint capability brings.. Gheeee!!

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