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Kristina Shea – “I am excited about 4D printing and our new work in this area including designing reconfigurable and active systems”

Kristina Shea

Kristina Shea

Kristina Shea is Professor for Engineering Design and Computing in Mechanical and Processing Engineering at ETH Zürich. 

Her research focuses on developing cutting-edge computational models, methods, and tools that enable the design of more novel and optimized engineered systems and products as well as to automate design and fabrication processes. Currently, the focus is on methods for 3D and 4D printing as well as computational design synthesis.

Nora Toure: Kristina, could you let us know about your background the work you are doing? 

Kristina Shea: I work in the area of computational design, that is making new types of software to be able to automatically generate, simulate and optimize designs. One goal is to use the computer to generate new designs and solutions that human designers either wouldn’t or couldn’t produce.

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