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Anna Zevelyov – “My challenges as a woman entrepreneur? The exact same challenges as for a male-entrepreneur (keeping the lights on)”

Anna Zevelyov

Anna Zevelyov

Anna Zevelyov is the Director of Sales at Moscow-based Thor3D. 

Zevelyov spent several years as the Director of Business Development at Artec Group, and is also the General Director of 3D Complect. 

Nora Toure: Anna, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D scanning and printing in the first place?

Anna Zevelyov: I’m a diplomat by trade. For years I’ve worked at various international and domestic non-profits. My last job brought me to Moscow where I met a group of loveable nerds who happened to be creating a 3D start-up called Artec. Because of my native English, they asked me to write a few letters to some potential distributors around the world. That’s how I got sucked into the wondrous world of 3D scanning/3D printing.

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