Free Online 3D CAD Training in New Onshape Learning Center

Onshape’s learning center

You remember rolling out of bed extra early for a week long CAD training session? 

The coffee and breaks couldn’t come fast enough. Outside of online courses here and there, onsite, expensive training is the norm. Onshape isn’t the norm. And they’ve headbutted standard practice again with the launch of their own Learning Center.

Onshape doesn’t follow the standard reseller model, so they don’t have resellers around the world charging out the wazoo for onsite training sessions. They do have an internet connection and figure other people using their software do as well. Imagine that. They mastered the short feature highlight and overview training videos, now they’re expanding, going deeper with courses aimed at starting quickly and learning the approach to 3D modeling in Onshape. From their blog:

The Learning Center provides a more in-depth look at the topics covered in the live Overview Training, providing additional practice exercises for CAD professionals to complete at their own pace. It also presents an alternative onboarding option for companies which need a more flexible training schedule.

Grab a bagel. After you register, you have your own training dashboard that show what’s available, what you’ve started, what’s completed, active discussions and daily activity. You also have a list of courses in progress to pick up where you left off. In the course section, you have a list of lessons, the video player and the ability to take notes.

Read the rest at SolidSmack.com

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