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Wacom Announces New Additions to Their Popular Cintiq Pro Lineup

Wacom's new tablet

Wacom's new tablet

Despite constant updates to the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface tablets to make them more appealing to professionals, Wacom has managed to remain the tool of choice for serious concept designers that need to tap into the power of more robust laptops and workstations.

But out of the entire family of Wacom tablets, it’s the company’s Cintiq Pro family of tablet displays that have consistently remained the gold standard. And with the announcement of an update to their Cintiq Pro collection, the company is aiming to break through the noise yet again with new levels of performance and precision.

Set to launch in early 2018, the Cintiq Pro 24 and Cintiq Pro 32 models (which measure in at 24 inches and 32 inches, respectively) are a hefty step up from their existing 13-inch and 16-inch Pro models and will both feature 4K edge-to-edge displays with ‘maximum color accuracy’ and a billion colors.

Like the current lineup of Wacom Pro tablets, the displays will incorporate the company’s Pro Pen 2 technology for virtually zero lag time and pressure-sensitive accuracy. Here, Wacom Cintiq Senior Director, Michael Thompson, discusses the similar Cintiq Pro 13 & 16 models when they launched last fall:

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