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Kentstrapper Upgrades to the Zero 2 3D Printer

The Kentstrapper Zero 2 professional desktop 3D printer

The Kentstrapper Zero 2 professional desktop 3D printer

Florence-based Kentstrapper announced the Zero 2 desktop 3D printer, an improved version of their previous Zero. 

The Zero was introduced in 2015, and it provided an easy-to-use operator experience while including a rather larger build volume, at least at that time. Now the Zero 2 improves on those features with some new upgrades.

Kentstrapper explained that even with their relatively easy-to-use original Zero model, they still felt there were improvements to make. The Zero 2 was designed to target these areas. Its key differences include: 

  • A significantly improved extrusion system that offers better control and should increase print quality
  • Improved motor and mechanicals for the Z-axis movements that should increase print quality
  • Larger color control screen, which is now 3.5” in size, and still displays their easy to follow “Siaren” interface
  • Siaren is upgraded to version 2.0, which permits more direct control over 3D print operations
  • An interesting “lock” feature that allows you to passcode-protect the machine until the code is provided
  • “Filament Guardian” automatically detects whether filament has been consumed
Inside the new Kentstrapper Zero 2 desktop 3D printer

Inside the new Kentstrapper Zero 2 desktop 3D printer

In addition to the new Zero 2, Kentstrapper also announced their Verve machine would now be able to extrude two filaments using the increasingly popular single-nozzle approach. This instantly puts the Verve into the professional desktop market with others offering similar capability. 

Kenstrapper intends on adding the dual extrusion capability to all of their 3D printer models in the future, and this is a key move, as I suspect most desktop 3D printer manufacturers will have to include this capability to survive in the coming world where professionals are the large majority of desktop 3D printer buyers. 

Via Kentstrapper

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