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Accessing Fusion 360 in the Browser!

Using Autodesk's Fusion 360 directly in a browser

Using Autodesk's Fusion 360 directly in a browser

Three weeks ago Autodesk posted a preview of Fusion 360 in the Browser. 

You remember Project Leopard correct? Well, that’s alive and well–not as a separate product from Fusion 360, but as Fusion Team, accessed directly in the browser from your Fusion 360 account.

Fusion Team – Access Anywhere

Even though we’re completely aware of access anywhere-anytime, Autodesk’s lead case for Fusion 360’s browser ability is the need to access your design data anytime-anywhere. Cue the example music… Let’s say you’re on a long road trip with your family and your boss suddenly asks for some edits on a project that needs to be submitted within the hour. (Forget questioning why that should even happen when you’re away from work – it does) 

Now you could politely decline the request and tell him to bug off while you’re on vacation, but the trip isn’t going to pay itself now, is it? Seeing as you’re stuck in the car with the kids and are (hopefully) a passenger for a lengthy journey, you might as well get some work done.

As Autodesk puts it: “Without needing to download or install anything, they were able to open the design and edit it in a web browser avoiding costly delays in the product development process.”

So let’s do that, shall we?

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