Avril Stringer – “There is already a skill shortage and this will become more evident as time goes on”

Avril Stringer is a serial entrepreneur and inventor and one of leading women in 3D Printing in the UK. 

As such, she wears many hats: co-founder of  3D Print Works with her brother since 1996, and Sales & Marketing Manager at Safeglass (Europe) Limited, selling their patented material for break-glass devices. 

If you need an example of Avril’s achievements, she helped to develop a new polymer material which mimics glass but does not cause injury when broken. It is used in Breakglass. Before they came along, the “break the glass in emergency” was made from real glass…

Nora Toure: Avril, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing in the first place?

Avril Stringer: You are probably wondering what Safeglass has to do with 3D printing. Our traditional market is a small, stable niche and we needed to diversify. Having an interest in technology, we had been following 3D printing for a few years. It excited us, so why not explore the business opportunities?

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