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Janie Veltkamp – “3D printing helped us refine our prototypes before producing the final beak to be attached to Beauty’s face”

Janie Veltkamp

Janie Veltkamp

Janie Veltkamp is a trained nurse, raptor biologist, educator and master falconer. 

She founded and directs the non-profit Birds of Prey Northwest (BOPNW), a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permitted raptor rehabilitation and education facility near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. There, she educates the public about raptor conservation and treats and rehabilitates wild injured birds of prey.

This interview will focus on the amazing work Janie did to rescue Beauty the bald eagle, an eagle that had lost its beak to a poacher. Janie has lifetime care of Beauty the bald eagle at BOPNW.

Nora Toure: Janie, can you tell us about your 3D printed beak project?

Janie Veltkamp: I first saw Beauty the bald eagle in Alaska, where she had been rescued after a poacher shot her in the beak. I was determined to help her and got special permission from USFWS to bring her to Idaho, where I launched the multidisciplinary team effort to create a prosthetic beak for her.

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