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3YOURMIND Adds Another Dimension

3YOURMIND is now integrated directly into Solid Edge

3YOURMIND is now integrated directly into Solid Edge

3YOURMIND has arranged a deal with Siemens to provide far easier 3D printing for Solid Edge users. 

Siemen’s flagship CAD product is Solid Edge, used by many designers and engineers worldwide to develop 3D models of industrial parts. But Solid Edge doesn’t 3D print the designs, of course. But now there is a way to do so.

3YOURMIND has created an extension for Solid Edge that links directly with 3YOURMIND’s 3D printing network. Their service provides input 3D models to be checked for printability, and then routing to their certified network of industrial 3D print service bureaus. You input the type of material required and price quotes are made available. 

From this information you can more intelligently choose the right service, or even decide it may be more economical to 3D print the object yourself. 

And this is what is interesting - all this decision making can now take place within the Solid Edge environment. Designers can obtain near-instant feedback on their designs, making their development process a bit more efficient. 

For 3YOURMIND, this venture opens up a world of possibilities, as their service will now be directly exposed to the vast number of Solid Edge users around the world. More users means more print requests, which means 3YOURMIND will be more easily able to recruit additional 3D print services to their network. It’s another piece of their rapidly growing network of collaborations. 


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