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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Polyethylene

Recognize this? Yes, it's polyethylene

Recognize this? Yes, it's polyethylene

How much do you know about polyethylene?

You can know a whole lot more if you check out the very extensive writeup by reader Paul Martin, who developed a great deal of information about the popular thermoplastic. 

Polyethylene is not the most popular 3D printing material, but with the growing interest in more standard engineering materials over the ABS and PLA thermoplastics that initially fueled the 3D printer boom, “PE” should take its place in the 3D printing workshops of the world, as it has in the non-3D printing world. 

It turns out the PE is a family of related thermoplastics, with the most commonly found PE materials used today in 3D printing being HDPE, and LDPE. There are a number of other varieties. 

Martin’s excellent report describes not only the physical and engineering characteristics of the various types of PE, but also typical applications. Other PE’s covered include: LLDPE, UHMWPE, PEX/XLPE, MDPE, VLDPE, HMWPE, ULMWPE and CPE. 

SpecialChem does provide further information on many other materials, but some will require a subscription to gain access. You’ll be able to search by chemical or brand name once you’re in. 

Via SpecialChem

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