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Sarah Goldberg – “I would love for 3D Printing to be even more democratized”

Sarah Goldberg

Sarah Goldberg

Sarah Goldberg wears many hats.

From artistic director to artistic lead for several Parisian locations, she founded in 2005 the French organization “Le Candiraton” (an organization promoting independent cultures). 

With this organization, she produced 4 festivals and 23 exhibits all over Europe. In 2009, she created “‘Be My Toys”, as the first Art Toys festival in France. This is where she first introduces the use of 3D Printing to manufacture Art Toys. in 2013, she co-founded the first FabLab/ArtLab specialized in 3D Printing in Paris. She now shares her expertise in 3D Printing, modeling and art as the founder and CEO of Bagel Lab

Nora Toure: Sarah, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing in the first place?

Sarah Goldberg: With a Master’s Degree in Project Administration and Cultural Structures, I have created many artistic events in France, but also in London, Berlin, Rome, and New York. In 2009, I created «Be My Toys», the first Art Toy Festival in France. I had met a lot of talented artists but did not have the means to produce their creations. 
I was looking for a solution, without really knowing what I was looking for and then I came across 3D printing. More generally, I have discovered the various CAD technologies (Computer Aided Design), but also the universe of FabLab, hackerspace and other third parties.

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