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This Go-Kart is Made From Giant 3D Printed LEGOS

A go-kart made from 3D printed LEGOs?

A go-kart made from 3D printed LEGOs?

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to buy a 3D printer, let this be the one.

YouTuber Matt Denton recently 3D printed an entire LEGO ‘vintage’ Technic kit (#1972—released in 1985) scaled up to a full-sized go-kart. Yes—we’re talking modeling and printing all 98 pieces including the tires.

With nearly 170 hours of printing time (and more than a few fistfuls of filament) Denton created each and every part on his FDM 3D printer for his lucky nephew—who luckily enough gets to help his awesome uncle assemble it piece by piece:

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