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Kadet Kuhne – “I’m glad I’m alive in this era to witness […] a sweeping democratization in manufacturing”

Kadet Kuhne

Kadet Kuhne

Kadet Kuhne is an accomplished artist, using multiple technologies and media in her art. 

Her work has been featured nationally and internationally at select venues such as the Museum of Art Lucerne, de Young Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Contemporary Art Center Villa Arson, Antimatter Film Festival, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Krowswork, LACE Gallery, Crossroads Film Festival and Highways Performance Space and Gallery.

Nora Toure: Kadet,  could you let us know about your background and what brought you to 3D printing?

Kadet Kuhne: I’ve been working as a visual and sound artist in different mediums for many years, most notably experimental video and electronic music. Parallel to creating original works, I’ve been working as a sound designer for the film, game and commercial industries, as well as a professor teaching audio related courses at various colleges and universities. 
Through these practices it has been on my mind to find a way to make visible the invisible phenomenon of waveforms and particles, and to create objects that reflect the conceptual underpinnings of my media works. When I came across a 3D printed sculpture online I was struck with so many ideas at once, and quickly began researching software, materials, printers and community resources to start making my own designs and prints.

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