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Onshape Sweeps into 2018 With Advanced Modeling Tools Enhancements

Onshape's development roadmap

Onshape's development roadmap

2017 was a good year for Advanced Modeling Tools enhancements inside of Onshape. 

In particular, I’m talking curve and surface creation tools. These are the kind of features that have got this ole ID guy chomping at the bit to model something curvy and sweet in form! My aim in this post is to highlight the collection of surface creation tools that have come available.  So let’s have a look.

2017 Curve & Surface Enhancement Review

Onshape loft surface example

Onshape loft surface example

Feature Play List

The above video is a seven-minute overview of the major curve and surface enhancement tools. I’ve added time marks so feel free to jump to whichever feature that most interests you.

00:30 – Bridging Curves – This tool is perfect for creating

01:10 – Projected Curve (3D Curve)

01:43 – 3D Fit Spline

02:32 – Composite Curve

03:15 – Loft Surface Command

04:10 – Loft Surface with Path Option

04:49 – Fill Surface Command

06:12 – Thicken Solid Command

06:33 – Enclosed Quilt/Solid Command

Curve Quick Tip – Mouse

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