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It's Time For CES 2018!

 There will be many 3D printers at the Consumer Electronics Show

There will be many 3D printers at the Consumer Electronics Show

Once again our team is heading to Las Vegas, where the massive CES event is taking place.

This event is a bit unusual for us, as it is not a dedicated 3D print exhibition. Nevertheless it has historically been an event where many 3D printer companies exhibit and, at least in the past, made significant announcements, such as MakerBot’s grand announcement of the Replicator 5th Gen in 2014, or the year 3D Systems announced "everything"

Those days are mostly gone, another casualty of the general switch of desktop 3D printing equipment from  the highly anticipated consumer market towards a smaller, but actually buying professional market of engineers and designers. 

In recent years the number of 3D printer exhibitors at CES has dropped somewhat, and it appears that is the case again. Even so, there are still many vendors of 3D printing and related equipment at this year’s show. Some 3D printing vendors will always attend this event, as it is a place where there are large concentrations of media, resellers and investors that might otherwise be difficult to find. 

And that’s why we’re there once again. If you’re attending the event and would like to meet up or show us something, please don’t hesitate go give us a shout

See you there! 

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