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Simplify3D Updates Their Free Ultimate 3D Printing Material Guide

Simplify3D's updated material guide

Simplify3D's updated material guide

While the term “3D Printing” has become synonymous with creating physical objects, the underlying method of manufacture—additive manufacturing—is a diverse and complex concept spanning multiple materials and design constraints. 

From ABS to SLS, there are a number of different pros and cons when picking the best methods or materials to get the job done.

Simplify3D has included the projected price, density, temperature, and a whole sleuth of properties for ABS, carbon fiber, and other materials in their new Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide and Filament Properties Table. 

Many materials in Simplify3D's online material guide

Many materials in Simplify3D's online material guide

While the Materials Guide shows an in-depth look at the materials themselves, the Filament Properties Table pits materials against each other for quick comparisons.

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