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Additive World Hits 6

Once again, it's Additive World!

Once again, it's Additive World!

The sixth episode of Additive World takes place next month. 

The Additive World Conference is a two-day event held annually in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The focus of the event is on use of 3D printing for industrial applications, and frequently attracts speakers and attendees from around the world.

It’s “powered by” Additive Industries, the growing 3D metal printer manufacturer also based in Eindhoven. 

What’s happening in particular this year at AW? They explain:

This edition of the Conference will be organised to learn the latest on industrial additive manufacturing from a broad perspective. Experienced users from all stages of the Additive Manufacturing process (design, simulation, production, quality control and post-processing) will come together, providing delegates a complete picture of this emerging technology. 

Additive Industries’ network tends to attract some interesting participants to AW each year, and it’s expected there will be representatives from a Formula 1 team, a major rail network and similar large industries who make use of 3D metal printing technologies. 

If you’re interested in learning more about 3D metal printing specifically, or in use of the technology for industrial use, this might be the conference for you. 

The two-day event is priced at €550, which includes a lunch and dinner event, but there are several optional packages and some discounts may still be possible. Check their website for current information. 

If you’re in the Eindhoven area on 14-15 March (and Eindhoven is a short rail journey from Amsterdam) you might want to consider attending this event. 

Via Additive World

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