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Design of the Week: Ball in a Box

 The magical Ball in a Box

The magical Ball in a Box

This week’s selection is the iconic Ball in a Box design by Pinshape contributor Print That Thing.

This is just what it seems to be: a ball in a box. While this just might be the simplest item selected for Design of the Week, there is a reason for doing so. 

Aside from the fact that this item should be ridiculously easy to 3D print, and even require no support if your 3D printer’s tuning allows reasonably sized bridging, there is something very important about this object. 

It is an object that is seemingly impossible to make otherwise. You can’t make it with molding, and you can’t with milling. I suppose you could hand-carve something similar, but we’re talking about machines making things here. 

By 3D printing this item you will have created an ice-breaker object that can be used to illustrate what 3D printing is all about to curious onlookers. 

Put the Ball in a Box in their hand, and then ask them, “How would you make this?”

They’ll be somewhat puzzled and then you can explain the process of 3D printing and how it is unique among making technologies. Any geometry is possible! 

The proof is in their hands. 

Via Pinshape

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