Revolve Innovates Wheel Design To Collapse and Convert Your Vehicle

The fascinating “Revolve” collapsible wheel

Not much has changed with the wheel since it got us moving millennia ago. It’s design in the simplest form: a rotating donut which adapts to do everything from power machinery to provide exercise for your kid’s overweight hamster.

Seeing as the invention has survived years without a lot of improvement, designer Andrea Mocellin has taken it upon himself to bring the wheel into the 21st century. Revolve, his latest creation, is a modular wheel he hopes will pave the way for a new line of portable vehicles.

Its operation is not unlike a bicycle or wheelchair wheel–it is a wheel after all. The primary difference is that when not in use, you can collapse the wheel on itself to make it more travel-sized.

Two handles located on the innermost portion of the Revolve lock and unlock it. While this might not seem like the safest method of securing a wheel meant to carry the weight of a person, Mocellin ensures it is as safe as safe can be.

 The Revolve collapsible wheel design
The Revolve collapsible wheel design

The Revolve covers the universal wheel dimension of 26″ (665mm) when spread out and a dimension of 8.9″ (226mm) when folded. Apart from occupying less space (about 60%, to be precise) and becoming more travel-friendly, the closed wheel can change your conveyance to be used as a scooter or trolley, as it holds the same weight as the open version.

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