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3D Hubs Launches Student Grant Program

The 3D Hubs Student Grant Program launches

The 3D Hubs Student Grant Program launches

Once again, 3D Hubs has launched their Student Grant Program.

3D Hubs is one of those good 3D printing companies that supports the growth of knowledge in the 3D printing space. While their company may not receive immediate financial gains from this venture, it does help to encourage more widespread knowledge of the skills necessary to properly use 3D printing technologies. 

The students that participate in this event will no doubt be in a much better position to make use of 3D printing tech when they emerge from school and enter the business world. 3D Hubs is playing the long game here, but they also get some good publicity in the meantime. 

So what is the Student Grant Program all about? 

It’s a design contest focused around three different domains, all of which make use of 3D printing: Engineering, Product Design and Architecture. Applicants must be attending a relevant university and submit their 3D design entry towards one of the categories. 

There will be a single winner in each category, with each receiving a USD$1,000 grant. These funds can be used to further the work on the project, for example. An additional ten runners-up will also be declared, each of whom will receive a free copy of 3D Hubs’ most excellent book, The 3D Printing Handbook

3D Hubs also intends on showcasing interesting entries on their social media from March through June.

Previous years’ programs have resulted in some rather interesting results, such as these from the 2017 event:

The winners from 3D Hubs' 2017 Student Grant Program

The winners from 3D Hubs' 2017 Student Grant Program

The program is open for applications until June 30th, by which time you had better have submitted your design. Or designs, as it seems there is no restriction on multiple entries that we can find. 

Via 3D Hubs

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