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Landing.AI Is An A.I. Startup Focused on Manufacturing



Unlike science fiction movies, where “A.I.” is commonly associated with usurping humanoid robots, real-life artificial intelligence looks far less creepy and is a lot more specialized. 

They still do our bidding, but without the constant worry that one day they will wake up wondering why they’re doing manual labor without pay.

Getting the jump on an inevitable robot uprising, A.I. specialist Dr. Andrew Ng (founding lead of Google Brain and former Chief Scientist at Chinese multinational technology company Baidu) has launched a Silicon Valley-based startup which focuses on providing A.I. brains to manufacturing companies. Called Landing.AI, the company aims to provide in-house A.I. solutions not just by creating artificial minds, but by training employees how to operate and manage them.

The solutions themselves range from visual inspection, automating, controlling, calibrating and tuning, to automated issue identification. Considering how much faster, accurate, and efficient a machine is when given the right algorithm, Landing A.I. wants to work with manufacturing companies to not only make the A.I. which powers their machines, but to make sure it delivers results consistently without needing to be recalibrated.

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