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Meet Us At RAPID!

It's time once again for RAPID+TCT

It's time once again for RAPID+TCT

Would you happen to be in the Fort Worth, Texas, area this week? So are we!

Our plan is to attend the annual RAPID+TCT event taking place at the Forth Worth Convention Center, and scour the exhibition floor for new information about 3D printing equipment, materials and services. 

And for us, this event is what you might call a target-rich environment. There are said to be in excess of 350 vendors showing their wares to the public, many of which will certainly be entirely new. We’re hoping to see some radically new technologies that may change the business in fundamental ways. 

That may be an unrealistic expectation, but having attended many 3D print exhibitions, there are always big surprises, often from smaller vendors just making their first public appearance. Such new companies exist because they have discovered something new that isn’t being marketed by the big guys. 

That said, the “big guys” will also be present, and certainly will announce important things, and we’ll listen to them as well. 

The good news is that the 3D printing industry is now sufficiently large to support events such as this one, with hundreds of vendors, and growing every year. We even hear that the show’s organizers are considering splitting the show up into two different locations because of this. 

The bad news is solely thrust upon our team, who somehow have to cover around 350 vendors in only three days. Mathematics tells us that allows only 3-4 minutes each, so we’ve got our work cut out for us. 

If you’d like to connect with us, drop us a line here!

Via Rapid+TCT

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