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Laura Griffiths – “Often the most interesting stories are those where 3D printing isn’t the primary focus”

Laura Griffiths

Laura Griffiths

Laura Griffiths is the Deputy Group Editor at TCT Magazine, the magazine for design-to-manufacturing innovation. 

Laura graduated with a Masters in Multimedia Journalism in 2014 and joined the TCT team as an editorial assistant shortly after. Now with four magazines in Europe, North America, Asia and most recently, a German-language edition, Laura spends her time producing content for TCT’s print and digital formats and attending events across the globe reporting on the biggest industry news. 

Nora Toure: Laura, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing in the first place?

Laura Griffiths: I don’t come from a technical background but if I remember my application letter for the TCT job correctly, I said I could write and that I was a bit of a geek. 
So, my entry into the industry was by chance, it was my first full-time editorial job after completing my Masters in Journalism. 
I started as an editorial assistant armed with basic handle on 3D printing but after spending five days a week working through the many press releases this industry puts out (even more so around that time), you quickly get to grips with the technology and its many acronyms.

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