Book of the Week: The Rise of Industrial 3D Printing

The Rise of Industrial 3D Printing

This week’s selection is “The Rise of Industrial 3D Printing” by Philip von Tell.

von Tell is an independent management consultant, under his own RocketDiesel brand, who specializes in digital business models and industrial 3D printing, two disciplines that likely should have more connections in today’s world than they currently do. 

His 2017 book, “The Rise of Industrial 3D Printing” is entirely focused on industrial 3D printing. While he begins the book with a quick review of 3D printing, it’s really about what he calls “Crossing the digital-to-physical gap”, which is really what manufacturing of today attempts to do. 

The challenge with manufacturing is to do it in the most efficient manner, yet still arrive at products having the desired performance properties. While there are many possible tools one could use to manufacture parts, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. von Tell focuses on these to identify the areas in which 3D printing does indeed deliver value. 

In other words, von Tell means 3D printing is NOT always the right answer. It’s useful only in certain situations. 

He proposes a framework for readers to use to identify such scenarios in their own operations, and follows up with several case studies to show how this works. 

Finally, von Tell shows you in clear steps how you might get started with industrial 3D printing. 

One Amazon reader commented: 

Being an engineer and being interested in 3d printing I was familiar with the technologies from a technology standpoint. I was also familiar with the promises of 3d printing. But what this book helped me understand is HOW the technologies are being used by companies, and for me this was new.

And that’s what makes this a good book: it’s not just “What”; it’s “How”. 

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