Book of the Week: Additive Manufacturing Innovations, Applications and Advances

This week’s selection is the broad-ranging collection “Additive Manufacturing Innovations, Applications and Advances”.

This is not a book written by a specific author, but is instead a collection of mid-length in-depth papers on various aspects of 3D printing in manufacturing, edited by T.S. Srivatsan and T.S. Sudarshan.

The topics are each written by experts in the particular industrial aspect being described. 

What are the topics? If you look at the list of seventeen papers in this tome, you will likely see several of particular interest to your situation:

  • Additive Manufacturing Of Materials: Viable Techniques, Advances, Advantages And Applications
  • Additive Manufacturing Using Free Space Deposition In Metals: Experiment And Theory
  • Additive Manufacturing Of Metals Via Selective Laser Melting: Process Aspects And Material Developments
  • Projection Micro Lithography As A Micro-Additive Manufacturing Technology: Processes, Materials And Applications
  • Printed And Hybrid Electronics Enabled By Digital Additive Manufacturing Technologies
  • Application Of Radiometry In Laser Powder Deposition Additive Manufacturing
  • Powder And Part Characterization In Electron Beam Melting Additive Manufacturing 
  • Simulation Of Powder-Based Additive Manufacturing Processes
  • Advances In Additive Manufacturing: Effect Of Process Parameters On Microstructure And Properties Of Laser-Deposited Materials
  • Integration Of Gas-Permeable Structures In Laser Additive Manufacturing Products
  • Additive Manufacturing Of Components From Engineering Ceramics
  • Reactive Inkjet Printing Of Nylon Materials For Additive Manufacturing Applications 
  • Comparison Of Additive Manufacturing Materials And Human Tissues In Computed Tomography Scanning
  • Additive Manufacturing Of Medical Devices
  • Medical Applications Of Additive Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing Of Puronic/Alginate Composite Thermogels For Drug And Cell Delivery
  • Additive Manufacturing Of Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

That’s quite a list that seems to cover all of the major additive manufacturing processes. If you’d like to learn more, then consider buying this book. 

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 Additive Manufacturing Innovations, Applications and Advances
Additive Manufacturing Innovations, Applications and Advances
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