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Lumi's Strange Visualizer Now Available

Interested folks checking out the new VVD from Lumi Industries

Interested folks checking out the new VVD from Lumi Industries

A few months ago we wrote about Lumi Industries’ unusual 3D visualizer prototype. Now, it’s for real. 

The Italian company has been operating in the 3D field for several years, producing several low-cost 3D printers, including the LumiFold in 2013 and more recently the LumiPocket

Both are resin-powered machines, meaning they use a light source to solidify photopolymer resin to form solid objects. I mention this because it seems their expertise in light and motion systems has somehow transformed into the new VVD system. 

“VVD” stands for Volumetric Visualization Device, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s essentially a kind of empty tank that you look inside to see a real 3D representation of an object. 

It is a true 3D image; you can walk around the tank and the object appears as if it were real from all directions. People observing from different angles all see a slightly different representation of the object, as if they were actually looking at it from those positions. 

X-ray view of a human foot visualized with Lumi Industries' new VVD

X-ray view of a human foot visualized with Lumi Industries' new VVD

They make it work through some magic with moving lasers and precise timing. In fact, they’ve even applied for a patent for the device’s technology. 

I’m not particularly certain how this 3D device can be applied to those involved in 3D printing, aside from the very obvious “I wonder what the print will look like” scenario. But for individuals, that has been solved already with 2D displays of 3D objects. 

The difference with the VVD is that groups of people see unique views, just like a real object. This doesn’t happen with 2D displays where everyone looking at the screen sees the same angle of the object simultaneously. 

I consider this a very interesting prototype that people should experiment with to discover useful applications. It’s not clear to me where the technology would best be used: it could be medical, educational, vehicular, laboratory or something else. Who knows, maybe you could see what your food looks like before you order it in a restaurant! 

For now, you can consider ordering one from their Kickstarter campaign, discount priced at €1,899 (USD$2,222). 

Via Lumi Industries and Kickstarter

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