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Do You Qualify For Fabbaloo's Community Support Program?

Some of the community 3D print projects supported by Fabbaloo

Some of the community 3D print projects supported by Fabbaloo

Did you know Fabbaloo provides free assistance to community 3D print ventures?

It’s true. For some time now we have been operating a program that gives a boost to non-profit programs supporting the 3D printing community, including open source projects. 

The program includes a feature story to bring attention to your project, as well as a quantity of free advertising services to get the word out to a wider audience. 

So far we’ve provided support to: 

If you’re part of a non-profit 3D printing project, please let us know by filling out our application form. It’s easy to do and could provide you with some beneficial services. 

And if you’re not, but you know of a worthy project, particularly one that you make use of yourself, give them a poke and ask them to apply. 

Here’s our application form. Hope to see your application soon!

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