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3D Printing Can Solve Any Problem! Even Pizza!

3D printed chairs now sit at the famous Little Pizza Table

3D printed chairs now sit at the famous Little Pizza Table

3D printing technology has solved one of the oldest challenges.

The challenge of which we speak is that little plastic table you see at the center of a pizza box. While they will tell you that its purpose is to hold up the box lid to prevent a disastrous cheesy mess stuck to the lid, many people see it instead as a furniture challenge. 

If it is indeed a small table, where are the chairs? 

The answer was developed by Canadian Pizza chain Boston Pizza, who now - occasionally - include chairs in their pizza deliveries. 

According to a report on Adweek, the company has 3D printed them “using food safe materials”. And: 

The chairs were 3D printed using food-safe materials, and a limited number will be delivered with orders from select Boston Pizza locations.

Food safe in this context actually works, because the chairs will not be re-used (at least by Boston Pizza) in a food environment. While made from food safe material, the porous layers present in almost any 3D printed object will collect organic material that is impossible to clean out, making such objects “single use”. 

I’d say that these chair are single use. 

Now, how many pizzas do I need to order to get these? 

Via Adweek

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