Autodesk Announces Inventor 2020

, Autodesk Announces Inventor 2020
creenshot of Inventor 2020. (Image courtesy of Autodesk.)

Autodesk has announced Inventor 2020, which will be available for users to download over the next few weeks.

The update refreshes the look of Inventor while adding enhancements and new functionality.

Like AutoCAD 2020, Inventor 2020 delivers a new theme interface—but it’s a light theme rather than AutoCAD’s new dark theme. The theme comes with new lighting styles, command icons and graphic presets. For example, the Extrude, Sweep, Revolve and Thread commands have all been moved to panels.

Inventor 2020 also enhances support for multi-monitor workflows,allowing users to dock multiple Inventor files on multiple screens within a single Inventor session. There’s also a new read-only mode allowing any Inventor file to be viewed in canvas without requiring a license.

, Autodesk Announces Inventor 2020
Screenshot of the new Unwrap command in Inventor 2020. (Image courtesy of Autodesk.)

Inventor 2020 adds a new command called Unwrap, which allows users to flatten a set of continuous faces into a flat surface. Some existing commands have been enhanced, including Sweep, which now has the ability to sweep a tool body, and Frame Generator, which adds End Cap functionality and improves Notch, Miter and Insert Frame workflows.


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