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The New Fabbaloo Is One Today

The New Fabbaloo Is One Today

The Fabbaloo Team [Source: Us]

The Fabbaloo Team [Source: Us]

It’s been a full year, to the day, since we relaunched our site with a new team, new methods and new look.

Yes, we publish a few more posts per day, and we think they’re a lot better to read than those that came before them, and we really like our clean look. There will be more changes in the future, but we cannot say what they may be at this time.

But the biggest single change was the addition of our incredible Managing Editor, Sarah Goehrke. Since last August, Sarah has been providing a tremendous service to Fabbaloo, creating fabulous stories for our readers and coordinating work of other writers, including fixing my sometimes questionable grammar.

After a year in her position, I thought it wise to see how she’s doing. Let’s ask her some quick questions:

KS: Biggest surprise in the new role?

SG: “How seamless it was! This was a big change for me, and I’m sure for the original Team Fabbaloo, but we actually hit the ground running. It’s been a delight to combine our resources and backgrounds, and other than a few re-introductions with new credentials at events last summer and autumn, it’s been a shockingly easy transition for me. New career steps are rarely just ‘let’s see if this works’ going straight into ‘hey, this works’ and it’s been lovely that that’s exactly what this was."

KS: Least surprising thing?

SG: “Even with a 50% larger editorial staff, we’re so busy all the time! Some things don’t really change, and the sheer volume of things happening in 3D printing ensure that we’re constantly on the move or writing, sharing, and talking even more.”

KS: Most embarrassing moment on duty?

SG: “Oh gosh. Likely anything in-person. I am not a suave person, and sometimes executives from big-name companies aren’t used to my very casual interviewing style. I also have a tendency to trip a lot, so that’s fun for everyone.”

KS: Have you accumulated enough air points yet?

SG: “I’m so sad that I missed 1K status by about one domestic flight last year, so no, actually. Can’t make up for it this year, as maternity leave will cut my flying months down. I suppose Platinum status is lovely, though — have to say international travel is much more human-friendly with airport lounge access. Seriously, though, I wouldn’t have it all any other way; there’s so much happening in this industry, and I want to see it. To see it, I need to go places. There’s nothing quite like talking directly to the engineers who work with the technology every day, and whether I find myself across town in Ohio, across the US in Portland, or across the world in Taiwan, I’m constantly learning on the ground — many different grounds.”

KS: Best field trip (work wise)?

SG: “I’d have to say in 2018 it was likely visiting Israel. XJet opened a new center, and not only was the site remarkable and the tech solid, they ensured that their visitors actually got to experience the country. It was my first visit, and I am so awed to have experienced swimming in the Dead Sea, standing at Masada, and spending time with Team XJet. It was also a great opportunity to see Nano Dimension HQ. Israel is a remarkable country, with so much 3D printing happening. I truly hope to visit again! For 2019, it’s been visiting Barcelona for the opening of HP’s new center. That’s my third trip now to HP’s Barcelona facilities, and I’m honestly impressed by the growth I’ve observed there since my first trip in 2016. Visiting a gorgeous city and bearing witness to tangible growth in 3D printing is absolutely a delight and, again, I so hope to visit again before long.”

KS: Best field trip (when not working)?

SG: “I’ll let you know when I get one! The Dead Sea / Masada excursion in Israel will have to count, as I haven’t had a proper vacation since spring 2018. But I still won’t have one for a while to come; the next time off for me will be a four-month maternity leave as Baby Goehrke is due November 2019, and my husband and I will be embarking on that trip of a lifetime.”

KS: Most fun 3D printer encountered?

SG: “I don’t know if ‘fun’ is the word, but I really enjoyed the chance to see ACEO’s silicone 3D printer in action. Silicone is such an interesting material, and this spring was the first time I’d seen it being 3D printed live, rather than just parts at a show.”

KS: Best company PR person to work with?

SG: “That’s a harder question than most people realize! Two of my favorites — Julie Reece and Diane Parrish — recently left the companies where I’d met them and have founded their own independent operations. They’re both brilliant and have always been a pleasure to work with. Lynda McKinney of Desktop Metal, Kristof Sehmke of Materialise, Craig Librett of Stratasys, Michał Krzak of Sinterit, Ilaria Guicciardini of Roboze, Maria VanHaverbeck of SLM Solutions, and Shaun Wootton of GE Additive come to mind immediately, as all are fantastic at their jobs and are all-around wonderful people. That’s one of my favorite things about this industry: the people. I could spend hours just mentioning the phenomenal people in every area: PR/marketing, engineers, executives, interns, other journalists, industry analysts and experts…”

KS: Most interesting product name seen?

SG: “Without calling anyone out, there are a few that have made me chuckle. Sometimes it’s nice to just have another think before finalizing a product name…”

KS: Thing you are hoping will happen?

SG: “Mostly there are a lot of things I’m hoping will stop happening. There’s still hype, and it’s silly. I’d love if a new machine/material/software release wasn’t billed as being the ‘world’s first’ — that’s a big claim, and 90% of uses this year haven’t been accurate. It’s a busy, global industry and there’s definitely still room for more firsts. But not every introduction actually is. I’m hoping for accuracy, mainly. Accuracy from companies and from popular media.”

KS: Any final thoughts?

SG: “It’s been a ride of a first year with Fabbaloo! We’ve done so much, yet it also feels like we’ve only just begun — because we have. I’m honored that Kerry and Marney invited me to be part of this team, and only hope to do their trust justice. The two of them absolutely top my list of ‘best people to work with in 3D printing’ and being part of a team with them is heartening in so many ways. Here’s to our second year bringing all we can to the Fabbaloo family — which extends to our wonderful, interactive, worldwide readership and community!”

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