Look Who’s Patented 3D Printable Concrete

We were directed to a patent describing a composition for 3D printable concrete.  This would certainly be a very useful capability, as the many attempts


The Role of Hybrid Manufacturing in 3D Printing

Between the worlds of CNC machining and additive manufacturing (AM), there lies a bridge technology referred to as hybrid manufacturing.  Hybrid systems combine both production


DuPont Unleashes Their Polymer Portfolio

I just noticed that chemical giant DuPont released new materials specifically for 3D printing.  Everyone has heard of DuPont; they have been around since 1802

3D Systems

Could 3D Systems Become a Healthcare Company?

Several recent happenings suggest 3D Systems might be considering changing their business focus.  As you may have heard, 3D Systems (and other major incumbent 3D


Can You 3D Print a Superconductor?

Selective laser melting process in action. Credit: Tim Sercombe/University of Western Australia
Researchers have been investigating whether it’s possible to 3D print an object that acts as a superconductor. 


Could Self-Healing Plastic Be 3D Printed?

A curious new plastic can heal itself in water, but could this be used in a 3D printer?  Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania examined


3D Bioprinted Rhino Horns: Good or Evil?

A report on New Scientist describes how one company is bioprinting rhinoceros horns to save the troubled beast from extinction. Or are they?  Rhino horns

3D Systems

3D Printing Press Release Roundup

This week’s 3D printing press releases from the majors included a number of new products from 3D Systems. 3D Systems announced new flexible materials for


The First Graphene 3D Printer?

A startup hopes to develop not only graphene materials for 3D printers, but a 3D printer designed for graphene printing. But we’re not so sure. 


Giant Creature 3D Printed

Some folks have 3D printed a truly gigantic monster that might be one the largest 3D prints ever attempted. 


Need a Spare Part? 3D Print It!

MyMiniFactory is testing a different approach for attracting 3D print services: printing replacement parts for common household equipment. 


A Sports Opportunity for 3D Printing?

Some major sports teams have official products, such as an official drink or service. But why not have an official 3D printer?


The Goliat Extruder

Several companies now develop and market high-performance 3D printing extruders. Poland-based Tytan 3D is one of them. 


ColorFabb’s Metal Filament: bronzeFill

ColorFabb has made a habit of introducing new and unusual plastic filaments for personal 3D printers, and now they’ve made a breakthrough with a metal filament: bronzeFill. 


The Dirty Details on a 3D Model Theft

We’re reading a very detailed account of the theft and exploitation of a 3D model theft that recently took place – and was successfully resolved. 


Construction Steelwork Makes its 3D Printing Premiere

Using the latest 3D printing techniques, or more accurately, ‘additive manufacturing’ – the Arup team has produced a design method for critical structural steel elements for use in complex projects.


Formlabs Introduces the Form 1+

More than a year after they introduced the Form 1, Formlabs announced the Form 1+, said to be an “extensive overhaul” of their previous model, the Form 1. 


3D Printed Handles for Stone Age Tools

In the most absolute and ultimate technology contrast possible, researchers have 3D printed handles for primitive flint-knapped hand axes. 


A Spectacular Paint of 3D Model

You know how to paint your 3D prints? Just spray ‘em! Nope – there’s a much better way we found at Redicubricks. 


Monoprice Releases Dual Extrusion Video

Monoprice announced a very low-cost dual extruder 3D printer last month, but we didn’t know how well it worked until we watched this video. 


Something’s Cooking at Rendor

There’s an ominous web page published by Replica Labs, describing something called “Rendor”. It seems to be a 3D scanning app. 


LittleSLA Could Shake Up 3D Printing

A new resin-based 3D printer, the LittleSLA, hopes to provide an opensource option for those wanting to get into the high-resolution 3D printing technology. 


3D Hubs Hits a Milestone

Crowdsourced 3D printing network 3D Hubs achieved a major milestone this week by accepting their 5,000th location. But there’s more to it than mere numbers.


17-Year Old Creates 3D Printed Robot

Many people build robots using 3D printing, but this very unusual specimen was designed and printed by a seventeen year old from the UK. 


A Printer Farm for Your 3D Printer

We’ve learned about an incredibly attractive new option for managing your 3D printer: SD3D’s “Printer Farm”.


Creation Workshop from Envision Labs

Concerned that your favorite 3D model slicing software won’t work on your new resin-based 3D printer? There’s a solution for that. 


SD3D’s Adaptive Build Environment

We’re checking out what could be the most unique and useful accessory any 3D printer owner might want: the Adaptive Build Environment by SD3D. 


Design of the Week: Bone Chair

This week’s selection is designer Joris Laarman’s Bone Chair, part of a seven-piece collection entitled, “Bone Furniture”


BetAbram To Release House Printing Machine

Over the course of its nearly 30-year lifetime, additive manufacturing has been used to create a massive array of objects. Though while the technology has had a number of different applications, its ability to produce objects on a massive scale has only just begun.


The MOD-t 3D Printer

New Matter announced the development of their new USD$250 personal 3D printer, the MOD-t. 


The Titan 1 3D Printer

Another resin-based personal 3D printer has been launched: the Titan 1. 


Do You Need AstroPrint™ ?

If you have an opensource-powered 3D printer, you might want AstroPrint to manage your 3D printing operations. 


E3Dv6 Hotend Released

E3D released the latest version of their high-performance hotend for extrusion-based 3D printers. 


3D Printing With Micro-Robots?

We’re watching a video from SRI International, who have apparently been developing micro-robots that can assemble things. 


The Mamba 3D Printer

Soon to appear on Kickstarter is the Mamba3D, a new 3D printer designed by MyMatics in The Netherlands.


Pirate3D’s Buccaneer Unboxed

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to receive your first 3D printer? YouTube video producer Eyeisman (Tom Rosato) has captured the experience for you when he opened up his first 3D printer, a Pirate3D Buccaneer. 


Backlash to MakerBot’s Patents Grows

The knowledge that MakerBot has apparently patented designs given to them by their community is spreading and some folks are upset. 


Has MakerBot Crossed The Line? For Some, Yes

Controversy this week regarding MakerBot’s aggressive patent filings. Why the controversy? Because the concepts were originally donated by supporters in good faith to further the cause of 3D printing. And now MakerBot has patented them.  


Trinity Labs Closes

3D printer manufacturer Trinity Labs announced that it’s closing its doors forever.


Two For One 3D Printer Sale?

Need a 3D printer? How about two? We found a deal where you can get two different 3D printers for one price. 


MakerBot’s Digital Store Opens

As promised in their January announcement, MakerBot made good on their promise to open a digital store for 3D models. 


Shark Material Produced by 3D Printing

Shark skin is quite rough yet allows rapid swimming, for those of you who haven’t been up close with the notorious fish, but now the nature of the skin has been duplicated with 3D printing. 


PrintToPeer Powers 3D Hubs

Cloud-based 3D operations startup PrintToPeer has partnered with 3D printer crowdsource network 3D Hubs to vastly simplify use of the network. 

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