Dan’s 1st Law of Drawings

Dan’s 1st Law of Drawings

An engineering drawing is a specialized type of communication tool. It’s also a contract.

Unique Spice Jar Cap Design to Measure Your Spices

Unique Spice Jar Cap Design to Measure Your Spices

Anyone who has spent any amount of time baking/cooking/experimenting will know the tedium of measuring ingredients but outside of pre-measured packets what could make it easier?

3D on the Web Heats Up

3D on the Web Heats Up

3D across the web, devices, screens, and reality has been ramping up considerably over the last few years.


ZBrushCoreMini is the New, Free Sculpting App from Pixologic

Get your sculpt brushes and buckets of inspiration ready. Today, Pixologic introduced ZBrushCoreMini, a free entry-level version of its ZBrushCore and ZBrush software designed to help people get started with digital sculpting.

The Lost Art of Naming a Part

When a part is developed, what should it be called? We have some ideas for naming parts you may not have considered.


Student or Educator? A RIZE 3D Printer May Be For You

If you’re a youngin’ whose neurons have just myelinated or an educator who’s responsible for bludgeoning their brain tissue with knowledge, there’s a 3D printer option you’ll want to add to your lab list – A RIZE 3D Printer.


Autodesk Fusion 360 (Sub) Now Includes EAGLE PCB Design

If you’re a user of Fusion 360, your subscription now includes access to Autodesk EAGLE, the electronic design automation software to aid schematic layout or determine PCB routing and component placement.

$3D printed lithophane

How To 3D Print Lithophanes

Have you ever wanted to 3D print lithophanes? It turns out to be suprisingly easy!


Fabric Nets Injected with Expanding Foam

In this modern age of everything-looks-the-same DIY furniture, it makes sense that some people want to make something unique to stand out from their friends’ IKEA apartment fixtures.


Einscan-SP 3D Scanner [Review]

We seasoned digital craftspeople can take an idea from a digital model to a physical concept with lightning speed.


How To Create Unique Low-Poly Designs Using SelfCAD

If you’ve yet to get your CAD jabbers on SelfCAD, you can spin it up and start modeling in less time than it takes to juice a pack navel oranges with your elbows at your co-worker’s desk–Tis a fact.

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