3D Systems

Desktop Factory Resurrected

  We’ve been following the saga of Desktop Factory for quite some time, beginning with its promising start attempting to manufacture the first commercial high-quality


EGO3D Busts!

  Recently we’ve been babbling about the idea of making 3D Busts of yourself or your friends, and it turns out there is a service



  We bumped into a great video detailing the operation of the new SOLIDO SD300 Desktop 3D Printer. The video shows all steps from design


Puzzling BitTorrent and 3D Printing

  There’s a fascinating interview of Bram Cohen on the Shapeways Blog. That name sounds familiar? It should, because he’s the inventor of BitTorrent, that

Is It What I Want?

Mateusz Pozar of Monocultured poses an interesting question: what happens when 3D printing technology advances sufficiently such that the printed objects are just as good


2.1D Printing with Roland’s VersaUV

  It’s not exactly a 3D printer, but we’d call it a “2.1D” printer. Basically it’s an inkjet printer equipped with UV-hardened “ink” that can

mainstream media

MakerBot Peeks into Mainstream

  Crain’s New York Business.com has published a mainstream article on MakerBot, makers of the first affordable and easy-to-use 3D printer kit. We’re very pleased


Desktop Factory Ends. Or Begins?

  We’ve written much about Desktop Factory over the past year and a half. They’ve attempted to build the first commercial 3D printer priced at


Stratasys Results

As is customary (and required), Stratasys announced their latest quarterly results. We like to examine them because we suspect they may shed light on the

Anticipating 3D

Interesting post on JIN SAOTOME’S DANGEROUS BLOG! where John Mallamas describes his state of anticipation of the arrival of practical 3D printers. He’s a “self



  This intricate model was designed by Jonathon Anderson by adapting the MathMorph techniques. MathMorph? It’s described this way: First, a series of computer models


Build Your Own 3D Scanner?

  You know you want to. Now you can! There’s a relatively straightforward approach for making an inexpensive 3D scanner using stuff you probably are


From 3D, Comes Infinium!

  The University of Michigan has spent more than USD$1M to produce the above pictured Infinium solar car, which is to take part in the

From Hands to Model

ZCorp, one of the leading 3D Printer manufacturers, also makes and markets 3D Scanners, such as the ZScanner 800 shown above. In a recent article

Yet Another Kind of Repository?

With all the chatter about 3D model repositories lately, we thought we’d add another twist to the puzzle. Could a virtual world act as a

Simple Wins. Every Time

A brief post on the Daily PLM Think Tank Blog resonated with us. The topic was the complexity of interfaces to PLM/PDM systems (Product Lifecycle


New MCOR Video

  The mysterious paper-fed MCOR Matrix 3D printer has made its TV debut on the Irish Late Late Show in this 5 minute interview. The


3DFilter: Just a Small Box

  Many years ago you might recall the early days of web search, where there were several services competing to be the best search engine.


MakerBot Distributes Itself!

  The buzz over MakerBot, the budget 3D Printer is clearly intense. Sufficiently intense that demand for their amazing device has almost outstripped their manufacturing


netfabb Studio 4.2

  Yes, it’s just been updated and available for download. netfabb is a lightweight Windows software tool specifically engineered for additive design. netfabb offers a


Shapeways Bends Metal… and Thinking

  Shapeways offers metal prints with their new stylus generator, and we think they are quite amazing. The level of detail present in the image


Resistor Video

  A short video highlights the methods of NYC Resistor, a hacker group who’s goal, according to founder Bre Prettis is to: Figure stuff out

New 3D Economy?

Futurist James Cascio recently examined the effects of “Desktop Manufacturing” in Fast Company, and we tend to agree with all of his key points: Manufacturing


Designer Power

  An interesting concept got stuck in our heads, as you can see above. It’s from the Power Of 8 project in London, UK. What


Human Brain!

  Admit it: you did something wrong sometime in your life and someone told you: “Get a brain!” Well, now you can! A recent .STL



  In amongst last week’s torrent of posts from Shapeways, there was one describing a cool HP Lovecraft bust printed on their 3D print service.


CATIA Design Visualization Contest

  A post at 3D Perspectives shows some of the great entries into their recent Design Visualization Contest. While some of the visualizations were well


Hands-On Design. For Real!

  Josh at SolidSmack posts on a just-discovered video of a truly amazing development: using touch-screen multi-touch gestures to design a 3D model! The software

The Ultimate 3D Printer?

Week after week, our research reveals new features available from 3D printer manufacturers. Printers may be faster, higher quality or have other terrific enhancements. But

Designers: Needed or Not?

We’re written on this topic before, where the proposition goes something like this: 3D printing devices and technology become widespread; either they’re installed in homes


OBJET’s PolyJet Technology

We’re written about OBJET’s amazing PolyJet technology before, but recently we ran across a great video that shows several truly interesting applications of this feature.

Cisco 3D’s 10 Times Weekly

We all know that designers are more frequently found using 3D printers today, but there’s a wonderful article in TCT Magazine describing Cisco’s experience. Cisco,


See It Now – 3D Printing on Paper!

  The unusual MCOR Matrix 3D Printer is now revealed in a video taken at a public exhibition in Dublin. MCOR informs us that this


Light Fixture Design

  What do you get when you combine barnacles, a ZCorp 450 3D printer and garlic? A really cool light fixture, of course! Designer Zach


Battery Printing

  Leslie Gordon of Machine Design.com writes on the possibilities of printing electronics, and specifically batteries. We all know that 3D printers can easily create


3D Printing Really Is Less Expensive

  ZCorp issued a press release describing the experience of Converse, the footwear manufacturer using ZCorp technology in their design process. The interesting bit is


3D Parts On Demand

  Shapeways has announced a great new feature for their 3D printing service that should benefit designers. It’s a 3D parts model database. The database


Big Things Brewing at Ponoko

  Ponoko slipped out a very interesting admission last week regarding a new capability they’ve been working on for two years. It’s the ability to

Following Fabbaloo

Our blog began in November 2007, and now has many readers, yourself included. But we’d like to point out there are several ways to read


A Different Input

  The process seems straightforward: Design a model with 3D Modeling software Tweak the 3D model for printing suitability Send the 3D model to a

fab at home

Fab@Home Video

  With all the buzz lately around MakerBot, RepRap and other kits, don’t forget about Fab@Home, one of the senior kit initiatives. We’ve found a


Chicago: A Modeled City

  The Chicago Architecture Foundation is presenting “Chicago Model City” from now until November of this year. It’s a gigantic and highly detailed three-dimensional model


3D Printing Up For Award

  Could a 3D Printing company win the prestigious World Technology Award? MCOR technologies, whom we’ve written on several times in past months, is nominated


MakerBot to CES?

  MakerBot, the spirited startup who’ve begun selling a USD$750 3D Printer kit, stated something ominous on their blog: “CES 2010 Here We Come!” CES


Ponoko Overwhelmed

  Ponoko, the innovative self-manufacturing service recently opened a new hub in San Francisco to more rapidly serve their North American clients. Previously, Ponoko had


Stamp Your Website!

  Recently we described Shapeways’ new rubber stamp service, where images are transformed by software and 3D printing into a custom rubber stamp. But now


Kali Bites

  Those guys at MakerBot weren’t kidding when they said the MakerBot was hackable. We thought they meant tweaking the build sequence or experimenting with


A 3D Collision

  There’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the 3D printer market being pursued from two directions. That sweet spot could be described



  envisionTEC produces a rather unique device called the “3D-Bioplotter”. No, it does not print small mammals. Instead, it produces scaffolds. What are scaffolds? Tissue



Those of us who follow the 3D printing space can envision the likely near future: Bigger build chambers Different, more functional materials (did we say


MakerBot at Google TechTalk

  Enjoy a great 35 minute video of Adam Meyer, one of the three founders of MakerBot, speaking at TechTalk. Adam provides a good overview



  envisiontec’s latest 3D printer is the Aureus, announced in March of this year. The desktop 3D printer (although we’re never certain whether “desktop 3d


Kraftmark’s FabEpoxy

  If you were to purchase a big-time commercial 3D printer from one of the industry leaders (Dimension, Objet, ZCorp, etc.) you get more than


ZCorp Gets Harder

New material is now available from one of the most popular 3D printer manufacturers: ZCorp. They recently released zp150, a “premium composite build material” that


ZBrush 3DPrintExporter

  Another really useful plugin has emerged for the popular and powerful ZBrush digital sculpting program. The new 3DPrintExporter does exactly that: it prepares a

XVL Studio Version 8.1 Released

Lattice Technology has just released a new version of their 3D modeling suite, XVL. It’s being distributed to customers with maintenance contracts this week. There


The Objet Connex350

  Today Objet announces their newest printer, the Connex350, joining the Connex500 in Objet’s flagship product line. Like the earlier Connex500, the new Connex350 has


Chair Made of Itself

  Designer/Artist Eric Ku has several very interesting projects on his website, but this one caught our eye: An inspiration from the American contemporary artist


Offload Studios

  There are many 3D print services open today, and most now focus on particular niches. Today’s service bureau profile is Offload Studios, who specialize


DIY Car Manufacturing?

  Bob McCarty predicts that:  within the next 10 years, begin designing and manufacturing their very own vehicles using in-home three-dimensional printing systems, services and


3D Rubber Stamps

  In retrospect, this is totally obvious, but Shapeways now provides a way to produce your own rubber stamp from uploaded images. Here’s how it


Desktop Factory Crunched!

  You might not have heard much from Desktop Factory lately, as they’ve been a bit preoccupied with a rather difficult problem. They’re a startup


Ponoko Invades North America!

  That inventive New Zealand personal manufacturing company sent landing craft across the pacific and has established a beachhead in San Francisco. Their next objective:


MakerBot in the Wild

  MakerBot made a big splash recently when they announced their new fabulously inexpensive hobbyist 3D printer kit. As expected, people are now buying the


Get Your Own Evil CandyFab?

  Quite a while ago Fabbaloo reported on the CandyFab 4000, an ingenious prototype 3D printer that used common sugar as the build media. The


Another Sub-$10K 3D Printer

  This one is from Solido, whose new entry into the market is the SD300 Pro 3D Printer, and it looks very attractive. Highlights: Includes

3D Systems


  Quite a while ago we wrote on 3D Systems’s upcoming V-Flash Desktop 3D printer. At the time it was only in Beta, but now


Extreme Redesign Winners Announced!

  Dimension Printing’s annual contest for imaginative designers has concluded for 2008-9 with the winners being announced. They are: University category: Chris Triska & Alexander

The DIY Wave?

The Financial Times posts their observation of the recent increase of Do-It-Yourself projects and services. This should be no surprise to Fabbaloo readers, but it’s


How Small Are Your Fingers?

  Ours are not exactly small, and therefore we’ll probably not be able to handle what’s being called “the world’s smallest cube puzzle”. It’s available

mainstream media

Ponoko in the News

We always get a little excited when fabbing hits mainstream news because it means we’re getting a teensy bit closer to a world of digital

Students Sketchup a New School

A great post on the Google Sketchup Blog tells the story of educator Michele Macloud of Louisiana who introduced Sketchup to her 8th grade students


The Force is Strong…

  Those guys at MakerBot (including Bre Prettis pictured above) certainly know how to have fun. In this amusing short video, they not only persuade

Can 3D Printing Help the Next Boom?

In a provocative article from Cleveland.com, Frank Bentayou proposes that “Smart manufacturers are gearing up for a turnaround in the economy”, and this got us


Swiss 3D Video

This video is from a rather interesting Swiss video program showing archeologists making good use of 3D print tech. They’re excavating an ancient Roman amphitheater

The Early Angle on Growth

Martin Stevens, CEO of A1 Technologies (makers of the Rap-Man we covered recently) dropped us a line to follow up on our post regarding the


Most 3D printers produce objects that are only a single color, and usually it’s awful. A few higher-end 3D printers can produce color objects (ZCorp),


RC Racing with RP Parts

  RP = Rapid Prototyping. We all know that – RP technologies are traditionally used to create rough “test” objects, suitable only for eyeball inspection.



  Just so you know, Meshlab has released version 1.2.0 of their software recently. What is Meshlab, you ask? From their project site: MeshLab is


T-Splines 2.0 Nearly Available

  T-Splines 2.0 for the Rhino 3D modeling package is apparently going to ship in the next few weeks, and we noted some very useful

3D Printing Market Still Growing

You might have noticed a slight financial crisis around you in recent months, but in spite of that, the 3D printing universe is still expanding,


Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

  Dimension Printing holds an annual contest to find amazing 3D designs by students. Winners receive scholarships in various amounts. Entrants were in three categories,


New ULTRA 3D Printer

  EnvisionTEC has announced their new ULTRA 3D printer, to be shown publicly today at the RAPID conference. According to the press release, the key



  We came across an interesting design that leverages 3D printing tech in a unique way. Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen are Netherlands-based artists who’ve


Purple Crayon

  Today’s discovery is Purple Crayon, a startup company intending on producing an inexpensive consumer-oriented 3D printer. And that’s not all: An old school garage


D_Shape Tech Prints Buildings

  Joris Peels at the Shapeways Blog posts a rather interesting interview with Enrico Dini, who intends on constructing building-sized objects with 3D printing technology.


Geological 3D Printing

  It’s not only geological, it’s also transcontinental! What are we speaking of? It’s an incredible proposal from architectural student Magnus Larsson, whose idea is


The RapMan

  We’ve seen several RepRap kits before, and here’s another low priced option. This one is specifically designed for educators. This fills a need for


“Fully Functional Biorobots”

  Do you know about the new Biorobotics and Biometrics lab in Israel? Founded in 2006 byDr. Alon Wolf, BRML, is a new lab in



  We received a note of introduction from ProTocuBe, a Turin-based 3D solutions firm. Like many small 3D firms recently, they are addressing the conceptual

Is Mass Customization for Everyone?

MIT’s been doing some deep thinking about Mass Customization recently. For those of you who are not aware of mass customization, it’s the concept where


Manufacturing vs. Design

  Mark Tomlinson, Exec Director & GM of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers proposes that economic recovery should really be about supporting the making things


Ive vs. Rapid Prototyping

  designWeek reports on comments from famed Apple designer Jonathan Ive, who feels that rapid prototyping tech is not necessarily the best approach. He apparently


Shapeways in COLOR

Shapeways takes another step forward in capability. Their most popular material, the eponymously-named “White, Strong and Flexible” is now available in colors! Three, actually: Limestone,

Reformat Your Shopping

Portfolio.com speculates about the future of mass customization in a recent post examining the footwear industry. The idea is that although people may like a

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