Fix That Rhinoceros!

  The University of Minnesota’s course “ARCH 4150” provides an introduction to Rhino, but we noticed they’ve posted a detailed workbook on how to prepare



  Years ago Eric Drexler proposed the concept of Nanotechnology in his breakthrough book, “Engines of Creation”. The book envisioned titanic swarms of microscopic machines


Boing Boing Reviews 3D Printed Art

  Over the past year we’ve featured many interesting works of art created by designers using 3D print technology to enable pieces previously impossible to


ZCorp’s Good, Bad and Ugly

  Desmoda tells all in a recent expose of his experiences using ZCorp 3D printers over the past few years. While ZCorp’s devices are praised


Two Routes to Low Cost

  Fluid Forms poses an interesting question: how to obtain an inexpensive 3D printer. They correctly point out the two possible courses of action for



  We just bumped into another interesting 3D print service, this one based in Rome, Italy: SOLIDO. While they deliver only to Europe, they do


Mudding with Autodesk

  We’re always looking for ways to simplify the process of personal manufacturing, and Autodesk is pioneering a technology that we think might be able


Succeed with Ponoko

Ponoko, one of the pioneers of distributed personal manufacturing and sales, has posted an interesting video that describes their methodology and cites two amazing examples


New Prez at Objet

  Objet, makers of the very interesting Alaris, Eden and Connex500 series of 3D printers, has announced they’ve installed a new President and CEO. David


Next-Make at CPW

CPW is MIT‘s “Campus Preview Weekend”, which occurs 16-19 April this week. According to MIT’s tagline: So here’s the experiment: Pour into one MIT campus


The LEGO 3D Scanner

  Philippe “Philo”Hurbain is a master LEGO hacker. How do we know? He’s built something truly amazing out of LEGO to solve a 3D problem.


Shapeways Lowers Media Pricing

  Shapeways, the innovative 3D printing service announced they’ve lowered the pricing on their most popular print media, “White Strong & Flexible”. It’s now 10%


Stone-Age 3D Printing!

  There’s always complaints about the price of 3D print media, as exhibited in our comments in recent days. People say it’s not the cost


Sony Ericsson’s 3D Printing Habits

  It seems there are new mobile phones every day, but exactly where do these new designs come from? The SolidWorks APAC Blog posts an


Dimension Prices Decreasing

  If you happen to be shopping for a serious 3D printer, you might want to take another look at Dimension’s line of printers. Why?


Keith Prints a Puck

   Keith’s Electronics Blog has a series of posts on the development of an “LED Puck”. What does it do? Special Purpose Lighting: Power goes

Shapeways Take on Mass Customization

We read a very interesting take on the future of mass customization from the Shapeways blog, in which they propose a future vision of 3D


Shapeways Enters the Bronze Age

An interesting announcement from Shapeways this week says they are offering bronze prints of their popular Ringpoem model for the first time ever. The catch?



There’s a new option for aspiring 3D print operators: MakerBot. It’s not a service – but is in fact a new printer product emerging from


Shapeways on Rails

No, they’re not producing a magical 3D development framework with a ton of plugins. At least not that we know of. No, they’ve just joined


Better Than Cheap

  Intent Design, a UK-based design firm specializing in retail environments recently acquired a Z Corp ZPrinter 450. As readers will recall, the 450 is

Five Reasons Why?

Joseph Flaherty at Replicator posits five reasons why 3D printing will never go mainstream. While we agree in principle with many of the positions, we


Desktop Factory Crunch!

Desktop Factory’s most recent status update has some rather dire news: they’ve reduced their spending to overcome a cash crunch. Specifically, they’ve postponed the long-awaited

Are 3D Skills Mandatory?

Fabbaloo readers are likely quite familiar with 3D concepts, including the idea of a digital representation of an object stored as a model, printing of


The RepRap Symbiosis

  Adrian Bowyer, the force behind the RepRap project, recently explained some of the thinking behind the idea grand idea of RepRap: Create a machine

3ds Max

Make No Mistakes

One of the wonderful aspects of online services is the communities that form around them. These communities can not only share ideas, but sometimes they


You Can Put Spares In Your Pocket!

New Scientist reports on a medical breakthrough using 3D printing: exact replicas of finger bones have been produced. Christian Weinand of Berne Switzerland has been


3D Printing Wins the Race(s)

Two recent articles show the potential for custom designed objects in competitive racing. BMW’s F1 team uses several rapid prototyping techniques to create the unique


The Photoshaper

  Shapeways continues to innovate, and this time it’s The Photoshaper. What is it? It’s a cross between 3D and 2D mediums in which you


More Metal – This Time Saving Lives!

Both ProMetal and Sintef have been working on metal printing processes, quite different from traditional plastics and powders of other 3D print processses. One of


Information, Objects and Business

  We just finished reading a fascinating 3-part post on Zeus Jones that resonated with many of the concepts we’ve been pondering. Fabbaloo readers will


Following Up on Huntsman

Last December we introduced Huntsman Advanced Material’s unique laser sintering process, in which they use as much as 40,000 light pixels simultaneously. This approach greatly


Last September we wrote about Lattice Technology’s 3D model storage format, XVL, which offers significant (i.e. up to 99%) savings over other formats. Now though,


A Question For Readers

  We often write of new applications of 3D printing. Most of the time new applications seem to fall into one of two categories: Faster

Ponoko Needs You!

Actually, while we’re certain Ponoko would like more clients, it’s their users who need you. You see, Ponoko is a kind of web-based clearing house


Monaghan’s 3D Visions

  We were contacted by designer and artist Jonathan Monaghan, who recently worked on the Digital Stone project in China. Jonathan normally works at much


Rocks From 3D

After a few hints of 3D printing entering the jewelry manufacturing space, we bumped into an article from the All About Rocks blog. They say:


More’a Coraline

Last week we posted the inside details of how the popular movie Coraline was produced. The makers of the film shunned conventional CGI techniques and


Tape Wrangling

We’ve all struggled with a roll of packing tape, trying frantically to find the edge of the tape. Finally we realize we need one of


Get Your Model from Moddler

  As readers will know, any new 3D print service these days must specialize in a niche to succeed, and Moddler has chosen digital entertainment.


Entire House Produced on 3D Printer

The catch: it’s a home for a hermit crab. Yes, 3D printing has produced pre-fab replacement homes for “needy hermit crabs”. It’s actually not a


Jay Leno Wants A 3D Printer!

How mainstream is this? Late night host Jay Leno, one of the world’s most notable car fanatics. As the owner of very large number of


Coraline’s 3D Roots

  We thought the new animated motion picture Coraline was made entirely via computer graphics, but apparently not. Instead stop-motion/replacement animation was used. Scarlet Star


Solidworks Predicts…

  At the Solidworks World 2009 conference, the co-founder of Solidworks, John Hirschtick, made four interesting predictions. User interfaces involving touch and motion We’ve noticed


Wear Your 8Hertz By Speaking to 1234Lab

Yes, we wrote the headline specifically to baffle readers. It’s all about a rather amazing new process developed by 1234Lab, a very interesting operation that

Homemade 3D Printer: The Details

Alvaro Fogassa of Homemade 3D Printer has posted some details about his inexpensive design. We’ve written on Alvaro’s expedition before, and now he tells us


The Trends

Every once in a while we troll through Google’s amazing trend service to see what people are thinking about various topics. Of course, we investigated


Oh, Really? RepRap Meets O’Reilly

  Zach Smith of the RepRap Research Foundation is set to conduct a workshop at the O’Reilly ETech Emerging Technology Conference being held March 9-12


ULTEMate Material?

  RedEye on Demand, one of the larger-sized 3D print services now offers a new printing material: ULTEM. What is it? We believe it to


MAKE Makes a Character

Shapeways provides a wonderful and simple way to create many types of objects. Their software does have restrictions, but don’t fret – you can always


Coffee Printer!

  Once again another print media has emerged: Coffee Grinds! Yes, this one-of-a-kind specialized printer actually uses coffee grinds as its print media. It can


Home Printing? Home-Based Printing?

  So you want to print out your model, but don’t happen to have a USD$49,000 3D printer under your desk (because your desk would


Architectural Concepts via 3D

Readers may notice our occasional rant on how 3D tech is often used to produce common objects, simple things that are merely more conveniently produced


Open Manufacturing

  Reader Bryan Bishop points us to a new initiative: “Open Manufacturing”, which at the moment appears to be a watering hole for discussions about


Metropolitan Works Exhibits

  They’ve just recently opened, and now the new Metropolitan Works has an interesting exhibition going on. According to dezeen: An exhibition featuring work by


Shapeways Winners Announced

You might recall that Shapeways held a design contest, with the winner having the privilege of a titanium 3D print of their model! The grand



  ZCorp, the makers of that very popular line of 3D Printers, does more than just that – they also make 3D scanners. While the


Gateway to the Fourth Dimension

No, it’s not another Stargate, but Richard Jin postulates on the manner of depicting the elusive Fourth Dimension in a thought-provoking article, and his ideas


The Homemade 3D Printer

  Yes, there’s RepRap and Fab@Home, but it’s also possible to just get down and do the whole thing yourself too. Not everyone would be


Personal 3D Printer Released!

Yes, you can now have one of your own! Imagine it sitting at the end of your desk, spitting out any objects you desire, or

Get That Extreme Redesign Ready!

Dimension Printing, makers of the Stratasys line of 3D printers, is running its annual Extreme Redesign contest once again. This year the deadline for entries


Punched Lamps

  Sometimes when we visit the furniture store it gets frustrating, items are too expensive or they don’t have precisely what you want. We’ve seen


SketchBot Comes to Life

SketchBot is a character designed by Brooklyn, NY designer Steve Talkowski. Hsi blog, appropriately named, “SketchBot” covers the gradual evolution of SketchBot through various designs

Step By Step

Replicator has a wonderful post that lists the essential steps for accomplishing 3D printing, although with a ZCorp flavor. Here is what they say (and


A New Beginning and an End for Action Figures

A thoughtful article at Comic Book Bin forecasts both a bright and dark future for action figure collecting. Many people around the world collect action

What Is This Called Again?

A lively discussion erupted recently over the terminology used to refer to our favorite technology. As you’ve probably noticed, manufacturers use all manner of words


Metropolitan Works

  In London they’re getting set to open a new facility for designers: the Metropolitan Works Building in February of this year. Metropolitan Works is


360-3D Scanner

  At the recent CES in Las Vegas Real-View 3-D unveiled a new 3D scanner. According to a report on Wired’s Gadget Lab, the device


AnarkikAngels Challenges Conventions

Edinburgh-based AnarkikAngels is trying to break down a barrier that we’ve seen others try to breech: the difficulty in acquiring 3D models. As we’ve said


Print Your Baby!

  Most women would expect to proceed normally through their pregnancy, but perhaps a few 3D geek fathers would prefer to print their baby instead.


3D Printing on the High Seas

You might think you can’t seriously print an entire boat with current 3D printing tech, but Robotboat thinks otherwise. Their ingenious plan: print miniature robotically


Wired Names 3D Printing as Top Story

Wired’s GeekDad blog published a list of their “Top 18 Geek News Stories” for 2008 and the first one on the list was the self-reproducing

Dev Hardware on RepRap

DevHardware has a rather lengthy article talking about the current state of affairs in 3D printing in their article, “The Printer That Prints Itself”. The


Introductory 3D Printing Videos

  Sweet Onion Creations is one of the smaller niche 3D printing services, specializing in architecture prints; they’ve been around about as long as any


Langford’s Prints

Sean Langford is a “lead artist at Green Grass Studios”, where he works on “modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, compositing, and editing”, but his “focus has

Does Anyone Want to Speak at HAR2009?

HAR2009 is an International Technology and Security conference taking place in the Netherlands this coming August. Their call for papers (for which submissions are due

mainstream media

CBC Covers 3D Printing

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s government-owned media network, recently posted an article introducing the 3D Printing concept to its readers (mainly Canadians, we suppose.) This


3D Printer Reviews for 2008

Our friends at RapidToday files hardware reports direct from users of several new (and some beta) 3D printers. Included in their report are: iPro 9000


Do We Really Need 3D Printing?

Of course we do! We at Fabbaloo would have little to write about otherwise. However, there are those who may think otherwise. We’ve been looking

mainstream media

Everyone Needs A Print Service!

We were perusing Kijiji for some, um, stuff, and we ran across a very interesting advert: Address: Toronto, ON View mapDate Listed: 21-Dec-08 Hi everyone,Im


Shapeways Bumps into Ponoko

Shapeways, the European-based 3D print service that is working very hard to make it easy for laymen to produce 3D objects, is stepping into Ponoko’s



Z Corp has taken another step to integrate its equipment into the personal manufacturing cycle. Recently they struck a deal with Bentley software to link


Top 3D Printing Stories of 2008

During 2008 we published a ton of articles on 3D printing and we’ve noticed a few major stories and trends that were hidden within the


Can You Print a Stadium?

  Yes you can, although it will be a touch smaller than you’d expect. That’s precisely what HOK Sport is doing. They are one of


Where’s Your Face?

It was inevitable. Both people and companies are using 3D print tech to wander into all manner of niche services, and today we’ve found another


40,000 Lights are Better Than One

That’s the claim made by Huntsman Advanced Materials, who recently announced the availability of their new Araldite Digitalis. It’s a stereolithography machine that produces 3D


Shapeways Bends Metal

Not for everyone, however. The metal is bent only for the winner of their “metal 3D printing contest”, which closes on the 15th of January.


RepRap Video

This wonderful video by Kyle Ronan shows a home-built RepRap printer in action. RepRap is an open source project that intends on providing the design


Digital Stone Rises in China

We’ve seen examples of interesting uses previously, and here’s another one. Four sculptors were to build exhibits for the Digital Stone Exhibition in China. The


Z Corporation Leads the Way

You might not be familiar with “Project Lead The Way”, but it’s a: not-for-profit organization that promotes pre-engineering courses for middle and high school students.


Stratasys Smoothes it Out

  One of the shocks encountered by those first seeing a 3D printed object is that they aren’t always smooth. We’re all used to seeing

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