Book of the Week: Feck Perfuction

Book of the Week: Feck Perfuction

This week’s selection is “Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life” by James Victore.

Book of the Week: Made in the USA

Book of the Week: Made in the USA

This week’s selection is “Made in the USA: The Rise and Retreat of American Manufacturing ” by Vaclav Smil.

Book of the Week: Robotics

Book of the Week: Robotics

This week’s selection is “Robotics: Everything You Need to Know About Robotics from Beginner to Expert” by Peter Mckinnon.

Arcanum And 3D Printing

Arcanum And 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding considers the achievement of 3D printable porcelain.


Book of the Week: Generative Design

This week’s selection is “Generative Design” by Benedikt Groß, Hartmut Bohnacker, Julia Laub, and Claudius Lazzeroni.


Creative People Migration and 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Alyssa Schneider review ideas presented in Richard Florida’s books that can be applied to 3D printing thinking.


Book of the Week: Mastering 3D Printing

This week’s selection is “Mastering 3D Printing: A Guide to Modeling, Printing, and Prototyping Paperback” by Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron.


Book of the Week: Job Shop Lean

This week’s selection is “Job Shop Lean: An Industrial Engineering Approach to Implementing Lean in High-Mix Low-Volume Production Systems” by Shahrukh A. Irani.


Book of the Week: Raspberry Pi Cookbook

This week’s selection is the “Raspberry Pi Cookbook: Software and Hardware Problems and Solutions 3rd Edition” by Simon Monk.


Book of the Week: 66 DIY-Projects

This week’s selection is “66 DIY-Projects: 66 awesome projects to realize with a 3D printer For Beginners & Advanced!” by Johannes Wild. 


Book of the Week: 3D Printing of Concrete

This week’s selection is “3D Printing of Concrete: State of the Art and Challenges of the Digital Construction Revolution” by Arnaud Perrot.


Book of the Week: 3D Printing Projects

This week’s selection is “3D Printing Projects” by Sachidanand Jha. It is a book that will definitely increase your 3D CAD design efficiency.


A Great Way To Learn Grasshopper

A new book explains how to use McNeel’s Grasshopper plug-in for Rhino 3D in a very simple and easy-to-learn manner.


Book of the Week: Build Your Own Mini Metal Maker

Did you ever want to try 3D printing in metal but did not have a million dollar budget to do so? If so, this book explains step-by-step how to build an inexpensive 3D printer that can actually 3D print metal objects.


Book of the Week: Python for 3D Printing

There’s a rather interesting book that can show you how to use Python programming to supercharge your 3D modeling experience for 3D printing.


Book of the Week: 101 Design Methods

This week’s selection is “101 Design Methods: A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization” by Vijay Kumar.


Book of the Week: Practical Electronics for Inventors

Building a 3D printed project involving electronics? If so, you need this book, which will teach you every conceivable thing you need to know about integrating electronic circuits into your design.


Book of the Week: The Knowledge

What happens after the world ends? Do you know how to rebuild everything? This book gives you the steps to do so.

$3D Printing Design

Book of the Week: 3D Printing Design

Need inspiration for 3D design? Designer and now author Francis Bitonti’s new book offers a peek into the mind of an additive manufacturing designer, whose 3D prints continue to amaze all.

$3D printed food

Book of the Week: Fundamentals of 3D Food Printing

Want to learn about 3D printed food? This book contains pretty much everything you need to know about 3D printed food, including chocolate, dough, cheese and more.

$Golden Ratio

Book of the Week: The Golden Ratio

Have you ever heard of the Golden Ratio? This incredible mathematical number is all around you, and a new book explains its history and importance.

$3D Printed Buildings

Book of the Week: 3D Printing of Concrete

Where will concrete 3D printing lead? Will the construction industry undergo a revolution from computer controlled concrete extrusion? What will buildings look like?

$Electronics and 3D Printing

Book of the Week: Hacking Electronics

Considering a 3D print project requiring electronics? This book shows how to hack Arduinos, resistors, capacitors and other bits to sense, move and light up a project.

$3D printing in the supply chain

Book of the Week: Supercharg3D

This week’s selection is “Supercharg3D: How 3D Printing Will Drive Your Supply Chain” by Len Pannett.

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