3D Printing in 2010

A year ago we posted our “wishes for 2010“. Did any of them come true? Let’s take a look:   A consumer capable 3D printer:


BBC Investigates 3D Printed Food

We’re reading a big report from BBC news where they investigated the incredible notion of 3D printing food. We’ve covered this before, and sure, it’s


My Head’s Going To Explode!

That’s what MakerBot Chief Bre Prettis says in this video report on low-cost 3D printing from Reuters. The well-known news agency put together this piece


Gift Giving? How About Gift Making!

It seems that some of the popular media are starting to catch on to 3D Printing, with the notion that gifts can be made rather


Stockbrokers Looking Into 3D Printing

With all the kerfuffle last week (Shapeways gets major investment, New MakerBot 3D printer shown at NYC MakerFaire, Massive New York Times article) it seems


ZCorp Questions Open Source Printers

A post from Olimpio DeMarco, VP of Research and Development at ZCorp questioned the possibility of using open source 3D printers for business use. He

mainstream media

MakerBot on CBS Evening News!

They’ve hit the big time, hopefully. Last night’s CBS Evening News featured MakerBot’s Cupcake CNC printer and a very brief segment with ‘Bot mandarin Bre


Fashionable 3D Printing

A recent post by Core77 described how 3D printers are being used to produce one-off fashion shoes. While we are somewhat skeptical of the fashion

mainstream media

Matthew du Plessis on 3D Printing

Matthew du Plessis, columnist at the Times Live, provided his thoughts on the world of 3D printing. While he begins with the obligatory comparison to

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