Growing A 3D Printed Garden

Growing A 3D Printed Garden

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi delve into the charming world of gardening – with a 3D printing twist.


Patenting Pandemic Designs?

3D printing has really stepped up to the plate in pandemic response — but what happens with those designs post-pandemic?


3D Printing and Vases

Charles Goulding and Peter Favata of R&D Tax Savers examine 3D printing put to use in creating vases.

What’s New in 3D Bioprinting?

Scientific research into using 3D bioprinting to re-create and regenerate human limbs and organs from patient-specific DNA is progressing slowly but surely.


Design Of The Week: Bucket Handle

This week’s selection is the Bucket Handle by Hans Loeblich (thehans) who is a designer, maker and engineer from Austin, Texas, USA.


Design Of The Week: Termite Economies

This week’s selection is the Termite Economies: Phase 2 (Metabolic Shift) by Australian artist Nicholas Mangan.


Design of the Week: Terrain Robot

This week’s selection is the unstoppable 3D printed Terrain Robot by Cults 3D contributor HK_ADLER.


Design of the Week: Airplane Toy

This week’s selection is the flappy winged Airplane Toy by Prusa Printers contributor Jhuttula.


Nefertiti Is Free!

After years of behind-the-scenes effort, the ultra-high resolution 3D scan of the ancient egyptian Nefertiti sculpture has been released to the public. We have the story of how it happened.


Design of the Week: Clutch Bag

This week’s selection is the incredible 3D printed titanium Clutch Bag by Lionel Theodore Dean.


Design of the Week: This Is Fine

This week’s selection is the “This Is Fine” 3D model by industrial designer Phil Carroll.


Design of the Week: Giant Hot End

Have you ever wondered what is inside a 3D printer hot end? How does it soften plastic filament? This breakaway 3D model shows you how.


Design of the Week: Gripping Gears

This week’s selection is the amazing Gripping Gears by Henry Segerman, Will Segerman and Sabetta Matsumoto.


Creating 3D Printed WiFi Access QR Codes with Python

I embarked on a project to create a 3D printed QR code that guests at our house could scan to gain access to our guest wireless network. Why 3D you might ask? Well, that’s how geeks like myself like to impress their guests!


Design of the Week: Cosplay Armor

This week’s selection is an incredible set of Cosplay Armor of Anduin Wryn from World of Warcraft by Josh from Grizzly Tech.


How Are 3D Prints Used For Design?

What is Design Feedback with 3D Printing? It is a technique used by architects to solve highly complex building construction designs.

$3D Printed Particle Accelerator

Design of the Week: 3D Printed Particle Accelerator

Is it possible to have a particle accelerator on your desk? Yes, it is possible, thanks to the design of a 3D printed particle accelerator by a 17-year-old student.

$3D printed golf accessory

How A Mohawk Can Help On The Putting Green

Startup CDJ Designs has introduced the Mohawk golf aligner, a 3D printed solution set to help putting accuracy on the golf course.

$3D printed Settlers of Catan

Design of the Week: Settlers of Catan

This week’s selection is the “3D Printed Settlers of Catan” by Instructables contributor Maclsk.

$3D Printed Telescope

Design of the Week: TelescopePrime

Want a 3D printed telescope? The TelescopePrime project is parametric, inexpensive, powered by Raspberry Pi and can take pictures of the universe.

$One Small Step 3D Model

Design of the Week: One Small Step

Celebrating 50 years since Apollo 11? Consider 3D printing this amazing 3D model of an actual footprint on the moon made by Buzz Aldrin in 1969.

$3D Pioneers Challenge

Winners: 2019 3D Pioneers Challenge

The prestigious 3D Pioneers Challenge has announced winners for the 2019 contest, awarding more than €40,000 to innovative projects.

$Student Grant winners

Winners: 2019 3D Hubs Student Grant

Winners have been announced in 3D Hubs’ Student Grant design contest highlighting student work in product design, transportation, sustainability, robotics, and healthcare.

$personal cooler

Design of the Week: Personal Peltier Cooler

Need to cool off? Try building this 3D printed Personal Peltier Cooler, a wrist-worn device that uses thermoelectric cooling using the Peltier effect.

$3D printed vase

Design of the Week: Silhouette Vase

Looking for a simple 3D printing project to enhance your living space? Consider the easy-to-print Silhouette Vase; it looks great and can hold flowers.

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