3D Printer Almost Burns Down House

A 3D printer operator was lucky to have been present when his 3D printer went awry and almost burnt his home to the ground. 


Zortrax’s Unified Cloud Library

Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax added a very useful feature to their ecosystem: a cloud-based library of 3D models. 


Stratasys and Fabbaloo Partner On A Contest

3D printing industry giant Stratasys is partnering with Fabbaloo to offer a challenge for our readers. Read on and you might find yourself able to enter. 


Shapeways Preps For School Business

It’s the beginning of school season in many parts of the world, and Shapeways announced special deals for the education market. 


Biomimetics 3D Printing Challenge Now Open

Crowdsourced innovation service Innonatives has posted a challenge seeking “radical ideas” on how to combine biomimetics and 3D printing for sustainability. 

3D Printshow

Join Us at 3D Printshow London!

Yes, we’re on board another airplane. The team travels to London, UK this week to participate in the 3D Printshow.


You Can Help 3D Print Edgar Allan Poe

We The Builders has launched another crowd printing project, this time to 3D print a bust of writer Edgar Allan Poe.

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Opens Today

Today’s the day the biggest 3D Printshow ever launched in New York City opens.


Jeremy Clarkson Hired By Ultimaker

In a bold move, 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has engaged well known British presenter Jeremy Clarkson as their new 3D printing spokesperson. 

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Hits Berlin

The latest episode of 3D Printshow opens this week in Berlin. 


LulzBot’s Hackerspace Giveaways Awarded

You may recall we wrote of a contest sponsored by Aleph Objects, makers of the LulzBot line of personal 3D printers, to provide selected hackerspaces with free equipment. Now, they’ve done so. 

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Hits Madrid

3D Printshow has vastly expanded its slate of events in 2015 and the first event takes place in Madrid, Spain. 


The 2015 Boston Printathon

In March 3D printers will be busy in Boston’s Brandeis University at the annual Printathon 3D Printing Competition.


Free Course on 3D Printing Technology

Deloitte University Press is offering an introductory course on 3D printing aimed at business and professionals. 


EuroMold’s Big Change

Heading to this year’s EuroMold exhibition in Frankfurt? If so, you’re going to the wrong city! 


The Greatest 3D Print Challenge

GrabCAD and NASA announced what could be the grandest 3D printing challenge ever: win and your design goes into space!


President Obama is 3D Scanned

A team from the Smithsonian performed an extremely detailed 3D scan of US President Obama.

3d hubs

Clean Energy Drives 3D Printer

3D Hubs has done something quite unusual with a 3D printer: They installed it on top of a huge wind turbine and printed with clean energy.


3D Printed Robotics Club Gains Award

MakerClub, a UK-based 3D printed robotics organization, has received a large award to explore educational opportunities. 


Space 3D Printer Is Installed

A few short weeks ago a SpaceX cargo craft carried a unique experiment: A 3D printer designed for space. Now it’s being installed.


London’s First Maker Faire

London’s first Maker Faire took place yesterday (Elephant and Castle Mini Maker Faire).


3D Printed Gun Maker Jailed

Yoshitomo Imura, a Japanese 3D printing ehthusiast, has been jailed for two years for manufacturing 3D printed guns. 


Ben Franklinstein Lives!

The folks at WeTheBuilders have done it again: they’ve crowdprinted Benjamin Franklin. 


Bre Quits? Not A Surprise

Rumors continue to bounce around the 3D printing community regarding a leak indicating the impending departure of Bre Pettis from MakerBot. Big news? We don’t think so.

3D Printshow

The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

It’s a late post today compared to our usual schedule, but there’s a good reason for the delay: We awaited the announcement of the winners of the annual 3D Printshow Global Awards. 


3D Printing Dinners

No, no, no! We are not talking about 3D printed food! We are talking about 3D printing dinners, though. 


MOTA Bails Out

A 3D printer launch campaign has fizzled. MOTA has suspended their Kickstarter. 


CES Doubles 2015 3D Printing Space

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas announced they’re doubling the size of their dedicated 3D printing area for the 2015 show. 


iMakr Opens NYC 3D Printer Store

UK-based iMakr has opened a retail storefront in the deep south of Manhattan. Now New Yorkers can see a variety of 3D printers in the flesh. 


Will You Help the Ouaga Lab?

There are a great many Fab Labs in the world doing great things, but there’s one that you might want to support: the Ouaga Lab. 


Trinity Labs Closes

3D printer manufacturer Trinity Labs announced that it’s closing its doors forever.


Two For One 3D Printer Sale?

Need a 3D printer? How about two? We found a deal where you can get two different 3D printers for one price. 


3D Printed Memes – Lots of Them!

CGTrader recently ran a contest in which their designers were asked to develop 3D models of notable internet memes. We took a look at the results. 


Solidoodles On Sale

Personal 3D printer manufacturer Solidoodle has abruptly placed several of their popular models on sale. It may be a good time to pick one up. 


The 2014 3D Print Cup

It’s the second version of the 2014 3D Print Cup, a contest sponsored by Cartridgesave.co.uk. Will you enter?


It’s a 3D Printing World Record!

The largest simultaneous 3D print was successfully undertaken by students and staff at LeTourneau University in Longview Texas.


The Tables Turn for 3D Printer Control Advocate

The California State Senator who introduced proposed legislation to regulate 3D printers for fear of uncontrolled 3D printed guns has been ironically charged with firearms trafficking. 


The 2014 Extreme Redesign Contest

Each year Stratasys sponsors a terrific contest for students, designers and young entrepreneurs: the Extreme Redesign Contest. We’re awaiting the announcement of the winners. 


Repetier Goes Closed Source

One of the pillars of open source 3D printing, Repetier Host, has closed its source code.


Win a Free 3D Printed Flexible Bag

Conventional bag-maker Kipling has done the unconventional: created a 3D printed bag – that you might get for free.


The Complete 3D Printing Conference

There’s a rather different type of 3D printing conference about to take place and those hoping to launch a 3D print-related business should consider attending. 


At NYC’s 3D Printshow This Week

Team Fabbaloo will be roaming the streets of NYC this week looking for stories, machines and more at and around the first NYC 3D Printshow. Will you be there? 


3D Printer Built by Thirteen Year Old

The Times of India reports on a teenager who’s successfully constructed his own DIY 3D printer. While many people have built 3D printers from kits or parts, it’s interesting to see the age of builders decrease to the mid-teens. What are the implications? 


More 3D Printing Hubs in the USA Planned

A brief mention of 3D printing occurred during US President Barack Obama’s annual State of the Union Address last week. Apparently the high-tech manufacturing hubs previously announced by that administration were successful.

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Comes to the Big Apple

Last November we had the pleasure of attending the second London 3D Printshow, in London, of course. The event was spectacular, but attended mostly by


The Urbee Car: Destroyed?

This picture tells the story. Evidently the world’s first 3D printed car, the Urbee, incurred significant damage while being shipped home to North America from

3D Systems

3D System’s Color 3D Printers

3D Systems recently made a couple of announcements regarding their full-color 3D printers, releasing the new ProJet 4500 and the CubeJet. Both 3D printers are

3D Systems

3D Systems Names Will.I.Am as Chief Creative Officer

We were assembled in sardine-quality packed formation in 3D Systems’ massive booth at CES2014, awaiting some kind of event involving mega-recording star Will.I.Am. Some suspected

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