What Will Happen at CES 2014?

This week is the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where in recent years the 3D printing industry has gained a foothold; many 3D printing companies now


Controversy Surrounds the Picaso 3D Printer?

We wrote earlier on the Russian-made Picaso Designer 3D printer. Now we’ve seen some evidence of strange goings-on in that company’s market. Picaso issued a


Scan-A-Claus? In New York City?

3D Systems’ Cubify division announced a unique service: Scan-A-Claus, just in time for the holiday season. It’s a 21st Century take on a 20th Century


Extending the Ban on 3D Printed Weapons

A story in the Guardian describes the work by New York Senator Chuck Schumer to extend the ban on “undetectable guns” before it expires on


Off To EuroMold!

This week we’re traveling to Frankfurt, Germany to take in this year’s EuroMold trade show. If you don’t know, EuroMold is the world’s largest event

3D Printshow

The World’s Largest 3D Print Gallery

In retrospect, we hadn’t realized what we were looking at, when, at the 3D Printshow we stumbled into the covertly-located 3D print gallery. The large


The Masters & Munn Code

Earlier this week our design of the week featured Icarus Had a Sister, by Masters & Munn. While we’re certain you’ll agree the work is

3D Printshow

The 2013 Global 3D Printing Awards

At this year’s 3D Printshow we witnessed the awards ceremony in which 14 awards were presented to leaders in the 3D printing community. Who were


Want To Catch Up in London?

It seems we’re in the UK often lately – and the trend continues this week as we visit the 3D Printshow.    While we’re in


3D Printshow Nears

For those of you located in or near London, there’s an easy way to get introduced to the magic technology of 3D printing. Simply attend


Cube Wins Award

The entry-level Cube personal 3D printer from Cubify has been placed on the list of “Top 10 Gadgets” at the Gitex Technology Week, which is


Smithsonian To Display Transformative 3D Tech

The venerable Smithsonian Institution plans an event to display how the technologies of 3D scanning and 3D printing will transform how they do their work. 


iMakr’s Scanning Booth at Selfridges

Independent 3D printer retail store iMakr has set up a temporary  exhibition where you can have yourself 3D scanned and printed at a premier retail


3D Printing Fears Jump the Shark

With the deployment of personal 3D printers to thousands of private homes, it was inevitable that some people would focus on the bad instead of


3D Scans Obtained By Drones

A new approach to capturing 3D scans of extremely large objects has been pioneered by senseFly, who produce the eBee drone series. They teamed with


ESA’s Launch into Metal 3D Printing

The European Space Agency has launched an initiative to develop complex metal 3D printing techniques for space missions. The Amaze initiative (standing for “Additive Manufacturing


Got Your Ticket for the 3D Printshow?

London is the place, November 7-9 are the dates. The event? This year’s 3D Printshow, where focused talks and exhibits will marvel visitors. Expect to


Deadmau5 Has a 3D Printer

Progressive-house music producer and performer Deadmau5 recently posted Instagrammed pics of his new acquisition: a dual-exstrusion MakerBot Replicator 2X. The notable musician provided a sequence


Be Your Own Souvenir!

It’s not new but we just bumped into an interesting video of a project that took place in 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The “Be Your


3D Printed Guns at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Readers may recall the controversy earlier this year when DEFCAD produced and electronically distributed digital 3D models for the first working, 3D printable weapons. While


The Extreme Redesign Contest Returns

Each year Stratasys sponsors a 3D print design contest for students at various levels of academia. Often the contest produces amazing innovations and we expect


It’s A Thingiverse Survey

The P2P Foundation, who recently issued their annual 3D printing survey, have come up with another survey specifically to analyze Thingiverse.    Thingiverse has become


Patent Issued for Digital Manufacturing

After years of process, US patent number 8,515,826 has been issued to Bryan Norman of KraftWurx fame. While there are billions of patents appearing, many


Japan’s Push for 3D Metal Printing

While American and European companies currently dominate the 3D printing market, a joint venture between the Japanese government and the country’s private sector looks to

3D Printshow

Behind the Scenes at the 3D Printshow

We happened to be in the city of St Albans, north of London where we had a behind the scenes look at the organization operating


HBO Clips a 3D Print Artist

HBO has squashed a new 3D printed product by nuPROTO 3D print artist Fernando Sosa.    The product, “Throne Dock” is an iPhone/Android docking station


MakerBot’s Digitizer Nearing Release

Evidently MakerBot blasted out emails to their mailing list indicating that their new Digitizer personal 3D scanner will be on sale next week.    This


A Collaborative 3D Printed Sculpture

Calgary-based PrintToPeer is experimenting with what could be the world’s first crowd-printed sculpture. Anyone with access to a 3D printer can participate.    The idea


The Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute

A new initiative has launched, hoping to uncover new 3D printing technological advances. The Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute will operate as a sponsor for selected


A 2013 3D Printing Survey

There’s a survey going on right now that everyone in the 3D printing space should fill out. It’s an annual survey on 3D printing usage


IDSA Launches 3D Printed Car Contest

The Industrial Designers Society of America is sponsoring a rather unusual 3D printing contest, which culminates at their August 12 annual conference.    The design


A Raspberry Pi 3D Print Challenge

Are you a designer looking for a challenge? The team of Raspberry Pi, Autodesk 123D and i.Materialise have opened up a contest to produce the


CGTrader Announces Design Contest Winners

Each design contest brings out the best in creativity from its participants, and the recent “It Was Made Real” 3D print competition by CGTrader was


Check Out the Form 1 Online

Mystified by the Form 1 high-resolution 3D printer? Considering purchasing one but you’re not quite certain it’s for you? Maybe you have a Form 1


The Cube Spotted At Staples

For the very first time, a personal 3D printer has been seen on display in a major retail chain. 3D Systems made a deal with


A 3D Printing Workshop in Mexico

3D printing is gaining momentum worldwide; we’ve seen startup companies, innovative uses and conventions to educate those in the region. This now includes Mexico, which


A 3D Printing Revolution in South Africa

An event featuring several notable 3D print designers is to take place in Johannesburg on July 6th. The event, “Agents of the 3D Revolution Exhibition


Stratasys Wins Gold Medal

Stratasys was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2013 Concours Lépine International Inventions Exhibition. The Concours Lépine is an annual competition for French inventions that


How Many Things at Thingiverse? Lots!

3D printing is taking off, if one believes the signals seen this year. Another milestone was reached last week by popular repository Thingiverse, who declared


Win a Replicator 2X In Manchester

A 3D modeling contest has been launched that offers a complete MakerBot Replicator 2X as first prize. The sponsor is unlikely for a 3D contest:


MakerBot’s New Factory

As the rumors indicated, MakerBot has indeed opened up a brand new factory in a Brooklyn, New York neighborhood, close to MakerBot’s head office and


Finland Looks to Enter the 3D Printing Market

In a recently announced partnership, the Institute of Photonics at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Dutch company LUXeXceL will partner together to create


China Turns to 3D Printing

Apparently some 40% of 3D printer installations are in the United States, while other countries lag significantly behind. China is positioned at only 9% despite


Made In Space To Really Go To Space

They made the 3D printer, now they send it into space. Made In Space, the startup who have designed a compact 3D printer suitable for


Michigan Tech’s 3D Printers for Peace

The recent development of 3D printed weapons has caused others to strive for more peaceful uses of the technology.Michigan Technological University, a.k.a, Michigan Tech, has


CGTrader’s Massive 3D Print Competition

There’s a lot of 3D print competitions lately, but this one seems to involve more prizes than we’ve seen before. CGTrader’s “3D Printing Competition” seeks


The Form 1 Ships!

Formlabs has now shipped its first actual production units of their breakthrough resin-based personal 3D printer, the Form 1.    The USD$3,299 high-resolution device was


Win an Ultimaker 3D Printer from GrabCAD

If you have ideas for new toys on your brain, consider entering GrabCAD’s new “Ultimaker 3D Printer Toy Design Challenge”. Your entry could win you


Obama Announces Three More 3D Printing Centers

US President Obama announced a competition to land three new manufacturing centers, to follow on the success of the first Ohio-based center, the National Additive


Win a Free Leapfrog 3D Printer

Leapfrog, the makers of the popular Creatr and Xeed 3D printers is now one year old. They’ve chosen to celebrate by offering a free Creatr


Fabbaloo Attends Inside 3D Printing

We’ll be in attendance at this week’s Inside 3D Printing conference, being held Monday and Tuesday in New York City. This is a brand new


The iMakr Store

Billed as the “world’s largest 3D printing store”, iMakr is set to open April 30th in London. The 2500 sf retail operation, located in Farringdon,


EFF Challenges 3D Printing Patent Applications

In a dramatic move, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched legal challenges against six foundational patent applications directly related to 3D printing. They’ve done this


XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions

Amsterdam is the location of a new exposition featuring 3D printing. “XYZ Shaping Free Dimensions” takes place from April 2 to June 2 at Prinsengracht


A 3D Printing Survey For You

Danish 3D printing company Create It Real has opened up a survey specifically for 3D printer enthusiasts. They’re gathering information for, well, we don’t actually


3D DC Rides Again

Last year Public Knowledge organized a small conference in Washington DC with the objective of providing real information to US legislators on the new topic


Tinkercad Shuts Down

Oh woe. Tinkercad announced its pending demise, as the team developing it has been reassigned to another project.  Launched in 2011, Tinkercad became the premier


DEFCAD Gets Licensed

There’s news from DEFCAD, the commercial arm of WikiWeapons, who hope to provide the world (or at least the USA) with 3D printable models of


Making It Real at OCAD U

Canada’s OCAD University is sponsoring a juried exhibition of digitally fabricated objects between May 14-28 during the Toronto International Jewelry Festival. Specifically they’re concerned with


SuperScan Digitizes the World

A partnership between digital scanning company CyArk and science media company Science Visualization could bring the world’s treasures to a science center near you.   


CGTrader’s Model Competition

3D model site CGTrader is running a contest for, obviously, the best 3D model uploaded to their site by March 15th. There is an extensive


Shapeways Meets Up

We’ve frequently seen notices from Shapeways (and other companies) announcing meetups. The problem is that these meetups are rarely happening in your city. Sure, if


Obama Likes 3D Printing

During last night’s annual State of the Union address, US President Obama actually mentioned 3D printing and positioned it as one of his key strategies


Advanced Manufacturing Seminars

Tuesday is the opening day of the Advanced Manufacturing Seminars. This event includes rapid prototyping content, specifically focused on 3D printing. The three-day event takes

3D Printing Trade Shows in 2013

After wearing out several pairs of shoes walking through this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas checking out the increasing number of 3D printing


Advanced Manufacturing Seminars in February

Don’t forget to check out the Advanced Manufacturing Seminar conference that’s taking place in Anaheim, California from February 12-14th. It’s only a couple of weeks


3D Printed Fashion In Paris Show

\As part of Paris Fashion Week, 3D printing giants Stratasys and Materialise collaborated with noted 3D fashion artist Iris van Herpen on her “VOLTAGE” haute


Want a Free Up! 3D Printer?

Who wouldn’t want one? Now’s your chance to get one by entering PP3DP’s Instructables contest. The contest is pretty straightforward: post an Instructable (a set


Heading To Vegas!

This week in Las Vegas is the annual festival known as the Consumer Electronics Show. What does 3D printing have to do with consumers? Today,


3DEA’s Garden of 3D Printing

Located in Midtown Manhattan is (or was if they’ve closed it by now) the 3DEA exhibition. It’s a temporary showing of 3D printing technology for


.MGX Exhibits in Shanghai

i.Materialise’s .MGX high-end retail operation is currently exhibiting their wares in Shanghai. Open until June, the exhibit is apparently the largest display of .MGX artifacts


Fabbaloo Is In The Big Apple!

This week Fabbaloo happens to be visiting the island of Manhattan. We’ll certainly check out the sights, including not only the usual museums, galleries and


A Donation and Your House in a Snowglobe

It’s true: if you donate to the Home For Christmas online fundraiser, you could qualify for a rather amazing prize: your own home, 3D printed


Advanced Manufacturing Seminars

If you happen to be in Anaheim, California in mid-February (and who wouldn’t?) you might want to check out the Advanced Manufacturing Seminar conference, taking


Thirty Artists are CALMed with 3D Printing

The University of Exeter’s Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) recently hosted a collaboration between 30 artists and its engineers to leverage 3D printing technology. 


Art and Sound at Euromold 2012

At trade shows vendors wish to thrill visitors by showing example prints from their machinery. Often the most impressive prints are artwork. That being so,

3D Systems

Visit the Cube Bar!

There are many interesting things to see at Euromold if you’re into 3D printing, but perhaps the most noticeable is 3D Systems’ incredible “Cube Shop


Attending Euromold?

Are you visiting Euromold this week? We are! Euromold is the “World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development”, where we’re likely to


3D Print Design Contest

Engineering.com has launched a four week 3D print design contest. Readers may consider entering this contest as it has few rules and a grand prize


Sandy Impacts 3D Printing

Massive hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast of the USA this week and caused a tremendous amount of damage, but how did 3D printing


Shapeways to Open NY Factory

Popular consumer-focused 3D print service is expanding! In New York, specifically Long Island, they’re spending USD$28M to set up a 25,000sf, 50-person facility that Shapeways

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